Posted on April 13, 2015 at 1:19 am

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Darshan Kumaar is becoming one lucky guy in B-TOWN!

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One actor seems to be getting good luck roles lately and he is winning a few more deals which are on the way! We might just see him back on the screen once again! Darshan Kumaar is definitely one lucky guy and it’s not only to do with the fact that the actor got to work with two of the hottest women in Bollywood – Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma! But more than that, it seems that he is proving to be the lucky guy for his heroines! I mean who wouldn’t want to be casted with the hottest girls in town!

The actor who won accolades first as Priyanka’s husband in Mary Kom and then as the aggressive goon in Anushka’s NH10 is fast gaining reputation as being lucky for his leading ladies, both of whom have gone ahead to garner much acclaim. Says an industry insider,
“The buzz in the industry is that he is very lucky for his heroines and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. So, that combined with his talent will definitely work in his favour. We are sure that he is getting many offers too.”
However, when asked Darshan about it, he says,
“Lucky? I don’t know that, but I am glad that the films and my work in them has been acknowledged. Yes, there are some interesting offers, but I think the producers will make the right announcements.”
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