Posted on April 10, 2015 at 12:00 am

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American National Sibling Day – Television’s Favorite Siblings!

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Being miles away from home can be tough. You miss your friends, your family and most importantly, your siblings. A nostalgia of rakshabandan fills the air as you ponder on the fun, fights and festiveness you enjoyed with your siblings back home. While rakshbandhan is months away, Americans are celebrating their very own version of the holiday through National Sibling Day (April 10th). On National Siblings Day 2015, we present to you televisions cutest brother sister pairs!

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Gauri and Ishaani

Ishaani has supported Gauri despite the odds. When she did not wish to marry the person of her family’s choice, Ishaani helped Gauri in attempt to escape. When that plan failed, she helped protect Gauri when she managed to run away from her in-laws.



Riya and Ganesh

Who says you have to be of the same species to be siblings? Riya and Ganesh prove that love of siblings is more than just age, race, gender and even types of mammals.



Nisha and Her Cousins

You don’t always have to be born of the same parents to be siblings. Cousins are often your only siblings and the best friends you can ever ask for! Just ask Nisha and she will tell you!



Sanam and Seher

One soul, two bodies and a face to share. Twins Sanam and Seher may have been apart all their lives but they have the kind of twin telepathy that surpasses all else!


raman romi

Raman and Romi

Protectiveness for Rinky, love for Simmi but what Raman has for Romi is indescribable in words. They are brothers, friends, enemies and confidants all in one!



Ishita and Mihika

Ishita and Mihika may have had their share of differences but whenever they needed one another, they stood by each other. Even in the darkest of times, the two looked out for each other, making sure that the other always had a smile on her face.



Bulbul and Pragya

Pragya and Bulbul make one hell of a team. When Pragya is in distress, it’s Bulbul to the rescue and when everyone is against Bulbul, it is Pragya who stands by her.



Dev and Kangana

Kangana may have hated Dev in her childish anger but when she realized that her cousin did more for her than her own brother Shaurya, she stood by him until the very end. Dev’s unconditional love for Kangana was one which viewers will remember for months to come!

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