Posted on February 21, 2015 at 12:57 am

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Sunny Leone sports bikini from personal collection for Ek Paheli-Leela

Actress Sunny Leone has chosen a Pink bikini from her own collection to wear for a song sequence in the forthcoming film Ek Paheli -Leela. When the actress discovered that she had to wear a bikini for a song, she insisted on wearing a bikini from her personal collection as she believed it goes perfectly with her look.



Apparently the bikini is a Valentine’s Day gift from her husband Daniel Weber. Daniel who will also be seen in Ek Paheli –Leela was to join the unit on the set later and got the outfit along. The makers then approved the bikini and let Sunny wear the bright pink bikini, as even the makers thought that it goes well with the whole song theme.

After locking Sunny’s look, similar pink bikinis were then made for the background dancers too.

Well! lets wait and watch and see Sunny sizzle in ‘Desi Look