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Theatrical Trailer and Poster of Marathi’s first Vigilante Epic, Shreyas Talpade starrer, ‘Baji’ unveiled

DAR Motion Pictures, Virtue Entertainment, IME Motion Pictures and Blue Drop Films have launched the theatrical trailer and poster of the eagerly anticipated Marathi film, “Baji“, which is releasing February 6th, 2015.  The film’s lead, Shreyas Talpade, is returning to Marathi cinema after a span of 8 years, and is cast opposite Amruta Khanvilkar!  Also, adding to the excitement, is that it is Marathi’s first vigilante epic.  Jitendra Joshi will be his main nemesis in the film.  Shot across picturesque Konkan locales, Baji is a film about mistaken identities and hidden treasures. It is an action-adventure-romance laced superhero vigilante based on the legend of a man who took upon himself to protect the common man against oppression and injustice in this small village in Shrirangpur. No one knows who he is or where he comes from, but whenever the village is in peril, Baji has always come to its rescue. His sword, his bow-arrow and his white stallion live on to define him.

The two and a half minute theatrical trailer gives the audience a glimpse of all the elements of the film. Right from the beginning, this fast paced action packed trailer keeps you engaged and leaves audiences wanting more.  The background score compliments the visuals, VFX and special effects well.  The trailer also highlights the never-before-seen action in Marathi cinema, choreographed by the highly acclaimed Stunt Selva.  It also gives a glimpse of the dramatic transformation, both in character and physique, which Shreyas and Jitendra go through.

Speaking at the occasion, Shreyas Talpade said,

“After Iqbal, Baji has thus far been my most challenging and fulfilling acting assignment till date. Perfectionist Nikhil Mahajan and the super energetic Stunt Selva have pushed me to limits that I never knew I could achieve and I am very grateful to them for that. Apart from the makers and my really talented co-stars who are definitely amongst the most fantastic actors I have worked with, I dedicate this movie and my performance in it to all my fans who have patiently waited so long for my return to Marathi cinema. I am absolutely confident they will definitely not be disappointed and would get far more than they expect.”

Commenting on the occasion a beaming Nikhil Mahajan said,

“After Pune 52, I was very sure that I wanted to work on a good commercial epic blockbuster that would not just set the cash bells ringing at the box office but would also go down as one of the finest movies ever made in Marathi. Baji to me is that larger than life project. Not only has the experience on working on this movie, my very second, been very fulfilling and a dream come true, but I also got to work with the powerhouse actor that Shreyas is and the super talented Jitendra and charming Amruta. The film is a vigilante epic that transcends both folklore and present day and I stay true to the film and capture its core and promise with the theatrical trailer and poster.”

Images from the launch event are below!

Presented by DAR Motion Pictures, Baji is produced by Arun Rangachari, Vivek Rangachari, Amit Ahirrao, Suhrud Godbole, Hrishikesh Kulkarni and Nikhil Mahajan. Other key credits include Writer and Director: Nikhil Mahajan, Dialogues: Shrirang Godbole, Original story: Nikhil Mahajan and Suhrud Godbole, Director of Photography: Vasu Rane, Editor: Abhijeet Deshpande, Music: Atif Afzal, Lyrics: Shrirang Godbole, and Executive Producer: Pavan Malu (Blue Drop Films).

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