Posted on December 2, 2014 at 2:43 am


Dixi Patel ft. Neel makes you fall in love with ‘Manwa Laage’ Cover!

We all love covers and so many new singers are developing on the net and becoming creative by doing cover songs they love and original tunes and branding themselves on Youtube! One singer who has been doing covers while attending medical school has fallen in love with ’Shreya Ghoshal’ all over again. She even opened up for Ghoshal in her hometown. As Dixi learns to become a doctor in medical school and balances between the passion of singing she enjoys and learning medicine, she still had the time to sing a song she fell in love with !

Dixi teamed up with singer Neel, a  US-based singer, producer, and songwriter. He is one of the few singers who can sing both Western (Pop/R&B) as well as Eastern (Bollywood, Pakistani, Punjabi) songs with equal ease and without any accent for local listeners.

Since a very young age, Neel has been influenced by R&B and Bollywood artists.  Neel has been exposed to music from the tender age of three and has been performing on stage since he was four. He has trained in Hindustani Classical vocal music, Western vocal music, Piano, & Tabla. Now performing professionally, Neel has performed in multiple cities in the US and around the world for crowds as big as 20,000 people! Check out both singers as they perform the cover to Happy New Year’s ‘Manwa Laage’ with Dirty Picture ‘Ishq Sufiyan’.

The moment I heard this song, I fell in love with it. And the fact that it was sung by Shreya Ghoshal made me love it even more. I found myself singing along with it often and soon realized how high pitched the song was. Usually I’m able to sing in fairly the same range as her, which is already pretty high, so I was shocked when I realized this song was slightly more difficult to sing along with because of how high it was! Regardless I knew I wanted to do a cover of it but I wanted to make it my own. I wanted to give it a slower feel versus the upbeat original version. I’m not an expert at creating music but I sat down at my keyboard during one of my study breaks and kinda just played what came to me. I didn’t know how the song would sound with a slowed down, piano filled background. But once I listened to what was maybe 2 lines I had come up with, I actually liked it!  So I decided to pursue the rest of it and found it also mixed with Ishq Sufiyana, another one of  my past favorites. Both songs have beautiful melodies and I think that’s why I like the feel it gives even though it is not upbeat like the originals. – Dixi tells

So from medical school to singing she seems to have some extreme talent! Check out her cover of Manwa Laage/Ishq Sufiyan by Dixi Patel ft Neel! Let us know what you think of the cover!

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