Posted on November 17, 2014 at 2:22 pm


No Compromises For Sajid Khan!

Fans are not the only ones who are cinema crazy, in fact a huge number of famous Bollywood personalities have spoken about their love for movies. Director Sajid Khan is one of them. The latest buzz is that Sajid Khan’s love for films led to him to be one of the first to install a Dolby Atmos multidimensional home theater sound system at his Juhu residence!

sajid khan

He was also the first one to adopt the Blu-Ray format. Director Sajid Khan is a proud owner of limited and collector’s edition box sets of his all time favorite movies and set up the Dolby Atmos for a better cinematic experience.

Installed by Mehol Vora (Radio Ga Ga), the system stands out through its clean projection and excellent sound. Sajid insisted that Denon set up the very first Dolby Atmos-equipped AV receiver in his personal space. Everything is top of the line with this system, no compromises for this movie buff. Dolby Atmos has created an ordinary room into a magical movie theater right at home!

For a certified video junkie like him this is a perfect gift. Just like his movies, Dolby Atmos gives its admirers the best in cinema at a rate that is well worth it.

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