Posted on November 8, 2014 at 1:31 am

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Has Akshay Kumar challenged Christopher Nolan this weekend?

This coming weekend it’s Akshay Kumar v/s Christopher Nolan! With both their respective movies releasing on the same day, we are sure that the Indian audience is going to be in a fix as to which movie to watch.

Well…it is indeed a difficult decision, but, according to us, The Shaukeens, is going to rake in more audiences because of the obvious. Who wants to burn grey cells-deciphering a movie’s plot when you have option to laugh your heart out and enjoy the lighter moments of life? While Nolan’s opus leaves you scratching your head pondering your very existence, Akshay’s The Shaukeens leaves you laughing out loud and feeling lighter! Well some might disagree – others might want to watch Nolan’s latest!


So are you going to relax The Shaukeens way or tax your grey matter over Christopher Nolan’s latest?

What’s your decision this weekend at the theaters?