Posted on November 30, 2014 at 4:36 am

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'Action Jackson' takes on a new beat!!

In an interesting new twist, the fight scenes for ‘Action Jackson‘, featuring Ajay Devgn, have been choreographed to the music by composer Himesh Reshmaiyya. The director, Prabhudheva, conceptualized how the fight scenes would play out while choreographing to Himesh’s soundtrack. A new take on how action scenes are crafted in the Bollywood industry.


Speaking on this unique ‘action to the beat’ style, Director Prabhudheva says,

“Usually, the music around the action is created after shooting the scene. But we didn’t do the same for AJ. First the music was created and then we got Ajay sir to fight to the beats. Ajay sir did it brilliantly. Its almost a very special shot in the movie for me personally.”

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