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Movie Review: Ek Villain changing the face of Bollywood villains!

Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh, Amna Sharif, Prachi Desai (cameo)

Director: Mohit Suri

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Rating: 3.5/5


Bollywood movies have turned from classic romances and stories with a message to “leave-your-brain-at-home” waste of 3-hours of your life. It seems that producers and directors make movies just to make a movie, no one bothers with content anymore. Yet among this pile crap, you tend to find that one movie that really makes you feel an emotion, that has a positive message for the audience (which is basically every Amir Khan flick,) and has a story with some weight.

The highly anticipated film of 2014, Ek Villain had everyone excited about all the suspense around this movie. It seemed that this was THE movie that would change the look of bollywood, the shining light in this darkness. It was predictable, especially since we knew the villain right in the first 20 minutes of the film, but this was one of the better movies out of bollywood in a very long time.


This romantic thriller starring Sidharth Malhotra as a gangster with a heart, Shraddha Kapoor as a bubbly girl full of life and the villain with shades of gray, Ritesh Deshmukh is definitely a movie you don’t want to miss. The story revolves around a serial killer in love with his wife, a beautiful wife that nags him and calls him “bekaar” (useless) all the time. His love for his wife, Sulochna, prevents him from killing her. In order to get out his anger it kills other women. Meanwhile, angry-young-man with a troubled past, Guru, realizes he has a heart and he can do more with his life when he meets Aisha. Aisha is a bubbly young girl bent on leaving her mark on the world by fulfilling one of her wishes at a time. How these two stories collide and what happens next is what you guys will find out when you hit the theaters to catch this flick.

ek villain 1

All the actors and actresses do a good job in their respective roles but it is funny man Ritesh Deshmukh who is the real hero in this film. Thank you Genelia D’souza! It was actually Ritesh’s wife, Genelia who persuaded him to take on this role, if he hadn’t we would have never been able to see this side of Ritesh. The man who always made us laugh in movies will have you freaking out in your seat, it is terrifying how good a villain he really is. Amna Sharif plays his wife and although the story is about her she doesn’t have much screen time. As the nagging wife Sharif does a good job because you truly start to hate Amna Sharif and feel bad for Ritesh’s character Rakesh.

ek villain

Sexy Sidharth Malhotra really put in a lot of effort for his angry-young-man role but at times he seemed to be trying too hard. It may be because he’s too innocent to be playing such a dangerous character or because he’s still new to the acting business but his efforts and hard work were not unnoticed. Sidharth Malhotra has definitely improved since Student of the Year and he seems to be getting better with each film. Sweet little Shraddha Kapoor seems to have an attraction to broken guys (it’s alright most girls do) first Aashiqui 2 and now Ek Villain. But jokes aside, she does a good job as the bubbly Aisha but sometimes she gets too animated, it didn’t always come naturally.

Surprisingly Sid and Shraddha actually looked quite cute together, they worked well as a couple. The couple’s romance was believable and there were even moments where you’ll get teary eyed over their scenes. CBI officer Shaad Randhawa went unnoticed, his role could have been more vital to the story and how could we forget Kamal R. Khan he seemed to basically play himself (seriously, who casted him in this film?).

The music was a hit before the movie released and after watching the movie you’ll love it even more. The songs were beautiful and excellently placed within the storyline. Even Prachi Desai’s cameo in the track “Awari” was a sexy look from her that we’ve never seen before. The movie takes you through a roller coaster of emotions from love, to pain, hatred, fear and in many of the scenes it really hits you. The overall message that darkness isn’t cured with more darkness, only the light can cure darkness is worthwhile message.The story itself could have had some more suspense instead of action, it was predictable, the flashbacks were confusing at moments and could have delved deeper into each role. Even with the setbacks, the film is still one to watch, especially for Ritesh’s work, the romance and the music.

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