Posted on April 5, 2013 at 11:37 pm

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World Class DJ Avicii to spice up ‘Slowly Slowly’ from Go Goa Gone!

Step on over Bollywood we have a new man in town and we all love his work! Yes I am talking about the amazing DJ Avicii! He has been fascinated with India and now he’s mixing for B-town! After tripping the nation by storm, the newly released track “Slowly Slowly” from Go Goa Gone has caught international attention. Worldwide renowned DJ Avicii who is currently ranked No. 3 in the top 100 DJ’s list is rumored to remix the new song “Slowly Slowly” from Go Goa Gone.

The new track from Go Goa Gone was released couple of days ago and has already gone viral. With catchy lyrics and an upbeat music, Slowly Slowly has already become the next chartbuster. Sources reveal,

“DJ Avicii was part of the most popular music festival held in Mumbai recently. He simply couldn’t resist, and has decided to play Slowly Slowly in his upcoming concert. He is quite excited to remix this track and make it an international chartbuster.”


Sources close to DJ Avicii have confirmed that he will be playing the catchy “Slowly Slowly” song at the famous Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chile this weekend.

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