Posted on April 23, 2011 at 12:35 am

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Lil Jon’s Son Kills it! – DJ Young Slade DJ’S at 12!!

Lil Jon the biggest Crunk Celebrity DJ in the world has made his way to becoming the biggest star collaborating with many mainstream artist today and now hitting the reality show The Apprentice – Celebrity Apprentice!

The mainstream DJ now takes it to another level as he supports his young son who has rubbed off on his father. The twelve-year-old DJ Young Slade has made his father proud, but on a serious note Lil Jon being a different person then he is on stage, his son says he’s a different person at home but always makes sure we get our school work done.

Check this video and mix out by the upcoming star DJ Young Slade!

Tell us what you think of this mix – we are definitely feeling this Young 12-year-olds vibe! Get it – Is this Crunkness bigger than we thought? Let us know what you think – more coming to Urban Asian on Lil Jon watch this space!!!

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