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Simon Thacker Solo India Tour “Pashyanti” And New Album Release

Simon Thacker Solo India Tour “Pashyanti” And New Album Release

Simon Thacker Solo India Tour “Pashyanti” And New Album Release. A year on from setting a new benchmark for Indo-Western collaboration with Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti, the uncontainable guitarist and composer make his India solo tour debut with a new program Pashyanti. Simon’s performances at Goa International Jazz Festival and Piano Man’s Giants of Jazz series, among others, coincides with the launch of his latest remarkable release Tàradh, with his musical laboratory Simon Thacker’s Ritmata.

Simon is a Scottish guitarist who is well known for his highly distinctive compositions and mesmerizing virtuosity. His work is famed for innovations and collaborations going beyond notions of East-West. He has been described as one of the most important musicians of his generation and performed with his Svara-Kanti group extensively across the subcontinent. This marks his first solo tour of India. “I am so excited to present my new program Pashyanti in a country that has given me so much joy and inspiration, and especially that it coincides with the launch of the new album Tàradh” Simon declares.

Remarkably, over a month before release, the album centerpiece Quadriga in 5 was nominated for The Ivors Composer Awards, the most prestigious in the UK, in the category of “Jazz Composition”.

On Tàradh Simon is joined by three of Scotland’s leading improvisers in Paul Harrison (piano), Andrew Robb (bass), and Stu Brown (drums).

These three have worked on many songs that have received praises. They also belong to the various artists on MusicCritic that have contributed largely to the development of other artists’ success. The hyper intricacy and Carnatic influences of Quadriga in 5 see the ensemble hurtle through a new musical cosmos. Taijasa’s ethereal timbres harness the elemental level of nature. Thacker radically reimagines the Sephardic song Muero Yo De Amor around the vocal artistry of one of Spain’s greatest young cantoris (flamenco singers), Ángeles Toledano.

For his Pashyanti solo India tour, Simon will be exploring every facet of the instrument, from digital delay-driven soundscapes to muscular improvisations in his unique style.

Do not miss this chance to witness one of Europe’s most expansive musical figures, Simon Thacker. He is especially looking forward to strengthening the bonds with his great Indian fans. New album Tàradh will be released on all major Indian streaming platforms on November 30th.

Simon Thacker: Pashyanti on guitar

Primal, multi-layered sound worlds from the Scottish pioneer on tour, to coincide with the latest album launch

Jazz India Circuit/Giants of Jazz 2019: Simon Thacker

1. Tour Date: 30 November 2019

Venue: International Centre Goa, Dona, Paula, Goa

Time: 6:30 PM- 7:1 PM

2. Tour Date: 6 December 2019

Venue: One Horizon Centre, Gurgaon

Time: 7:00 PM onwards

3. Tour Date: 3 December 2019

Venue: The Piano Man – Sector15,

32nd Avenue, Sector 15, Gurgaon

Time: 9:00 PM – 11:55 PM

4. Tour Date: 2 December 2019

Venue: The Piano Man – Sector 15, Gurgaon

Commercial complex B 6/7-22 Opp Deer Park, Block B6, Humayunpur, safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Delhi 110029

Time: 9:00 PM – 11:55 PM

5. Tour Date: 21 December 2019

Venue: Varanda Bandra Mumbai

Time: 10 PM onwards Consus

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