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Kaur Project Holds Workshops For Anniversary Of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Kaur Project Holds Workshops For 550th Anniversary Of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Kaur Project champions Kaurs with pop-up events and workshops to mark the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

October 24, 2019 Surrey, BC — As part of its ongoing commitment to embolden Sikh women, Kaur Project, a Sikh women’s organization based in Surrey, is planning to engage the community at large with five events and workshops that focus on the “Power of Self” to mark the 550th birth-anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhi.

Connecting and creating spaces for Kaurs on their self-identification journey via storytelling has been the focus of Kaur Project. The organization, a movement for Kaurs, is championing women to self-reflect, build community, heal, and expand.

“As Kaurs we have the power to shape and transform ourselves and our communities. Guru Nanak espoused female equality and empowerment and believed women were equal in worship, society and on the battlefield, so it only makes sense to expand upon Kaur Project’s focus from storytelling, to signature events and now workshops that focus on Kaur identity, self-reflection, community-building, healing and expansion,”

says Kaur Project creator Jessie Kaur Lehail.

Inspiring Kaurs to Connect

Kaur Project began as a storytelling project in 2015. The mission was to create an exhaustive catalog of Kaurs – whose voices were and are traditionally muted, erased, silenced. The project continues to inspire Kaurs to see the brilliance in their own narratives and invites understanding about the diversity within Sikhi. Using Kaur as a connector, Kaur Project holds space for Sikh women, across generations, to share stories, and talk about everything, including religion. Real women, telling their real stories, with bravery and determination.

“As Kaurs, the 550th anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji provides the perfect opportunity to continue our journey of identifying, refining and cultivating who we are and how Sikhi connects to our modern times and lives. As an organization, this pivotal anniversary provides momentum to harness the powerful knowledge Kaurs within our community to enable Kaurs to build workshops to share, learn, and cultivate our courageous identities.”

Going Global

Through social media, Kaur Project has unveiled, monthly thematic pop-up workshops and events in Surrey (and soon globally) for Kaurs, the Sikh community and mainstream community at large, including:

Kaur Project Live – Vol. 5 – The Power of Self

November 3, 2019, at Museum of Surrey from 3 pm to 6 pm

(Tickets are OPEN TO EVERYONE and FAMILIES are encouraged to attend)

Register at Kaur

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Volume 5 will feature Kaurs who will recount their life experiences of bravery, regrets, sorrow, and of course courageous happiness. During this immersive experience, attendees will have the opportunity to participate by asking questions, engaging in dialogue, and building empathy and deep connections within and between communities – all while listening to riveting Kaur stories, told live.


Kaur Project – Live – Vol. 5 – The Power of Self

November 5, 2019 at Tasty Indian Bistro (Delta location) from 630 pm to 930 pm

*This event is for Kaurs only*

Register at (Meal and beverages will be purchased by attendees)

Kaur Project conversation dinners consist of respectful conversation, guided activities, and delicious food shared among 20 Kaurs who have differing viewpoints, and their best interests at heart. Our guests will have the opportunity to exchange stories, engage in dialogue, and begin to build empathy and understanding for one another – all while sharing a delicious meal and having some fun.


Cultivating Your Inner Lioness & Lion Through Mool Mantar

Created by Sukhvinder Kaur Vinning

This event is open to EVERYONE and couples and families are encouraged to attend.

November 9 from 1030 am to 230 pm

Register at Events

Learn to lead yourself by cultivating and harnessing your inner Lioness and Lion through the Teachings of Mool Mantar, the attributes of Creation itself. This experiential workshop will explore how you connect with Creation, what is your truth, what blocks your inner Lioness and Lion and how you move through fear and anger.


Purposeful Improv for Kaurs

Created by Tina Kaur Balachandran

This event is Kaurs only

November 10 from 1030 am to 230pm

Register at Events

A workshop carefully curated to create a self-reflective space for Kaurs to navigate their thoughts, emotions and identities; using techniques of therapeutic drama and improvisational theatre. The workshop is open to Kaurs 18 years and above. No prior experience in acting or improv is required. The workshop aims to explore – how personal identities are defined.


The Joyful Rebellion Workshop – Featuring the Dalian Workshop

November 17 from 10 am to 5pm

Register at Events

A workshop in self-healing and awakening consciousness. The workshop will help release old limiting beliefs that block joy. Increase self-knowledge and see your blindspots. Using laughing meditation to wake-up joy and gain insight into what blocks joy. The workshop will include a guided step-by-step process that uses breathing techniques, out-loud verbal expression and body movement. It is a transformational process that wakes up consciousness and gives ways to solve any problem.

About Kaur Project

A globally recognized, online safe space where Sikh women, across generations, talk about everything, including religion. Kaur Project has globally reached Kaurs and mainstream audiences. Lehail has spoken about Kaur Project’s work at various institutions, namely Apple Inc.’s headquarters in Cupertino, California; Toronto Labour Congress’s Women’s Forum; and the University of Berkeley. Kaur Project has been featured in Allure Magazine, Elle, Vogue, NBC News, Harper’s Bazaar, The Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, ELLE, Buzzfeed, CBC, and Canada’s History Magazine among others.

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