Posted on October 14, 2018 at 2:39 pm

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Dove Celebrates International Day of The Girl Child with Shikha Talsania

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Dove Self-esteem Project with Shikha Talsania

Dove believes that every girl should feel confident. They have started a “Dove Girls Beauty and Confidence Report”. The report showed some shocking results. Many Indian women were not confident in their own skin. It showed that 6 in 10 Indian girls did not feel pretty in their own skin. They felt pressure to look beautiful in a world filled with unrealistic ideals. These ideals come from social media, movies and magazines. The girls find the pressure to be a challenge as they become older.

Shikha Talsania

Dove decided to make a change in this perception by celebrating all girls! Dove celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child. The Dove Self Esteem Project workshop took place at The Universal School in Mumbai. The workshop brought together 100 girls between 12 to 14 years old. The girls were surprised with Bollywood Actress and body positive influencer, Shikha Talsania!

The event included the discussion around body confidence and looks that stop young people from being themselves. The workshop spoke about health and friendships, as well as school performance. The event was an hour long session with fun exercises and discussions on beauty.

The Dove project started in 2004 by young people all around the world to build positive body confidence and self esteem. This project has reached more than 29 million young people worldwide! it aims to reach 40 million people by 2020. This is only the beginning!

Shikha Talsania was excited to be part of this beautiful event and shared her experience with us:

“Honored to be a part of the dove self-esteem project workshop today. It’s important to start the conversation about the impact of pressures one experiences about beauty ideals, stereotypes etc young.  I hope that platforms like the dove self-esteem project continue paving the way and provide the wave of change that young girls and boys need.”

Ms Harman Dhillon, General Manager of Hindustan Unilever said:

“It was an absolute pleasure to have Shikha Talsania join us and share her experiences with the young minds. At Dove, we believe no young person should be held back from reaching their full potential. Through this project we aim to help 40 million young people build a positive body confidence and self-esteem, by 2020.”

This project has helped so many young people and is growing every single year! We are hopeful that there will be more workshops especially for boys as well. Self-esteem affects boys and girls equally. We love this initiative and cannot wait to see it grow even further!

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