Posted on September 22, 2018 at 11:55 pm

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Fizzy Goblet Launches the one-of-a-kind Bride Box

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The one-of-a-kind Bride Box to be launched!!

Instagram, wedding shoots and perfect portraits, a bride should always feel and look her best on her wedding day! A one-of-a-kind wedding attire is not enough in this day and age.  Good shoes are sure to be the demand on the day!

Fizzy Goblet Bride Box

Brides need everything to be done on an easy note with help.  The gorgeous Bridal Gift Box Sets is launched to help Brides because they are surely needed. The Bridal Box sets include special pair of  handcrafted juttis therefore making the day special.

The beautiful floral box is embossed with gold-foiled message “Here comes the Bride!”. Inside the box is a muted gold and silver pair of juttis with specially embroidered monogrammed backs for all indian outfits! We are are sure that this would be every Desi girls dream set! Who else wouldn’t want a set because of their special day? We love the concept!

Being seen for having a contemporary twist to traditional Indian footwear, Fizzy Goblet is recognized for how lightweight and functional their shoes are. Brides surely need the comfort on their special day besides being busy the entire day!

Even though shoes are a demand, besides that being demand this set includes a crochet bag. The bag comes with a cute message on it and a personalized handwritten note of love .

When shopping for bridal gifts, it can be hard,  even if it’s for anyone else, therefore this Bridal Box set is sure to turn heads! The day calls for something special and memorable. Fizzy Goblet’s new Bridal Boxes aim at being a solution to that problem.

To add to this, Laksheeta Govil says, “A bride has plenty on her plate already. If there’s one thing she doesn’t have to think about now at all, it’s her shoes! These bridal boxes by Fizzy Goblet will help take care of that completely while adding a special touch to her outfit and give you brownie points for the most unique and thoughtful gift!”
The Bridal Box is priced at ₹ 3600/- and can be purchased from the website,