Posted on November 17, 2017 at 10:43 pm

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Mrs India Earth Shweta Chaudhary’s Bold Appeal To Public To Awake To The Burning Issue of Pollution In Delhi/NCR

The issue of SMOG in Delhi/NCR has become a burning topic and now Mrs India Earth 2017, Shweta Chaudhary has come forward to appeal the general public and the government to take steps to fight with this pollution as soon as possible. Public has been walking out of their house wearing masks but no one is taking initiatives to save Mother Earth. The Government is paying no heed to the situation and taking steps to solve the problem.

Talking on pollution and environment Shweta questions,

“Everyone knows that the whole situation has gone out of control but no one is uniting for our mother earth. Even the government has not taken any proactive measure till now. Why is everyone sleeping over this hazardous situation?”

Shweta has done a bold photoshoot that depicts a common man where the black hand tells us about the problem we are facing today and we are totally responsible for it. The hand covering the lips tells how we stay mum in an emergency situation and don’t come forward to save Mother Earth despite knowing the fact that public is suffering. The black color means the pollution and chaos that has been created by us.

It’s high time we pay heed to the situation, join hands and come forward to save our Mother Nature as well as everyone living on this Earth.

Shweta has been associated with many noble and philanthropic causes. On winning the title of Mrs India Earth she earlier said,

“Mrs India Earth is not about beauty. It is about retaking initiatives regarding planet Earth.”

She will represent India internationally in Mrs Earth contest which will be held in Las Vegas in June 2018.

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