Posted on May 8, 2017 at 6:49 am

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TV Celebs Reaction To Justin Bieber’ Concert Will Shock You!

Justin Bieber is performing in Mumbai on 10th May and the craze among youth is crazy. We checked with select TV folks about it and the responses are as different as chalk and cheese!


Sara Arfeen Khan:

Yes I am a Justin Bieber fan my favorite songs are ‘Sorry’ and ‘Let Me Love You’ I can’t commit to the concert although I’m trying my best as I’m shooting.


Amal Sehrawat:

Hi! I like the talent of the young boy, not a fan exactly, my favorite song of his is ‘Never Say Never’. If I get an off from my shoot then I might go.


Aniruddh Dave:

I appreciate that concerts are happening in the town. Recently global citizen festival also happened in Mumbai. Justin is damn famous I like his song “Sorry“. The boy has something in him. I am going on a holiday so won’t be able to attend.


Ramman Handa:

Justin Beiber is an idol for all. Who is not his fan? I love all his songs and my most favorite song of his is “Sorry“. Indeed I will be going to his concert. I’m looking forward to being a part of his vibrant music live.


Ssharad Malhotra:

I think he’s very talented and undoubtedly one of the biggest pop music icons in the world today. His track ‘Never Say Never’ featuring Jaden Smith is my all time favorite. His other tracks like ‘Baby’, ‘Sorry’, and ‘What Do You Mean’ are pretty amazing too and have smashed all records in the past. Would love to watch him perform live first time in the city provided I get an off from my daily soap routine.


Karan Wahi:

I am not a fan, so I am not attending.



No I’m not his fan at all and wouldn’t be attending the concert as well.


Shashank Vyas:

I am not a fan and I know nothing about it.


Manish Wadhwa:

I am not a Justin Beiber fan at all. I am not interested in his music. I like Mohamamd Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhoshle’s songs.


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