Posted on March 20, 2015 at 4:27 am

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Vasundhara Mantri displays Draupadi inspired collection at Lakme Fashion Week!

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“Yagyaseni: The Warrior from Within” by Vasundhara Mantri empowered with her collection at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015. Yagyaseni was another name for Draupadi, the heroic princess who was firm with a stone hard will, in the Hindu epic ‘The Mahabharata’. Draupadi grew into her own person after emerging through hardships, pains and trials in life. Delving into the moral of the story, the collection told a tale of every women overcoming hurdle after hurdle to find herself in the process.

Using jute as a main component for her designs, Vasundhara judiciously incorporated it along with sheer fabrics to create a stunning fusion between the two. Colors of jute like beige and mud brown were used in jibe with translucent blacks, pearl whites and dull greys. An element of the apparel that was enrapturing was the Cleopatra-like, front-open jute dress adorned with golden accessories and the black cropped corset amalgamated with a sheer maxi skirt with alternate panels in jute and a beaded gold cape. The compilation used statement-making jewels that emphasized the power of women, and incorporated it into metal and pearl meshes used in various styles.The collection comprised jeweled caps, body and leg-chains, mesh gloves, hand harness, cuffs, earrings, jeweled veils and waist backbone.

Fashion at its best, ‘Yagyaseni’ by Vasundhra Mantri was an eye opener for all the ladies to recognize their self-worth, and want to be fashionable in doing so.

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