Posted on March 5, 2015 at 1:08 pm

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Five Ways to Ensure a Safe Holi!

It’s that time of year when friends and foes alike gather together to celebrate Holi! The festival of colors, as it is otherwise known, celebrates the coming of spring with vibrant colors and exotic foods. While people tend to enjoy this festival, some get carried away in the merriment and end up having a disastrous Holi hangover which affects them and those around them. To avoid such a disaster, here are five simple steps you can practice to ensure a safe and healthy Holi!


Go Organic!

Use organic colors to prevent skin and eye damage. Also when playing Holi try not to aim for someone’s face.

Beware of Bhang

Holi is a time when Shiviji ka Prasad is being distributed in gallons. Beware of what you drink and who is giving you the drink. Do not leave your drink unattended and if you do, toss the old one and get another glass.

A girl reacts as she is smothered in coloured powder while celebrating Holi in Hyderabad

Heard Mentality

For once, it would be nice to go with the flow. Avoid traveling alone on Holi. If you must venture out, bring a group of friends, have a code word or a distinguishing mark which won’t be camaflouged by the Holi colors to make recognition easier.

Slick is Chic

Make sure you oil your hair well enough so your hair is not damaged by the colors. Oiling your hair will also allow the colors to wash off easily.

Clean Up!

Cleaning up can also be part of the fun! Please be considerate and clean up after yourselves. Avoid throwing colors on stray animals or leaving colors out in the open. Stray animals often mistake the color for food and eat them. Toddlers also get a hold of the colors and ingest them, causing fatalities.