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Experience the "Colours of India!"

As warm weather nears, the only thing on people’s minds is really fashion, fashion, and more fashion!  The UK is known to love fashion, so for those of you living in London, you should make sure to mark May 15th, 2014 on your calendars!  The very creative and talented Terry Mardi Group will be hosting Colours of India (NGO) and New Asian designers at British Asian Fashion week (BAFW) and Asian Fashion Summit (AFS) on 15th May as part of the Alchemy Festival at Southbank Centre, London.






A fashion label with conscience, Colours of India was established as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in April 2013 in the slums of Bandra, Mumbai, India. Colours of India is focused on the women in the community it serves. Thus, the main office and training center is located at the very heart of the slum in Bandra, Mumbai. As such, Colours of India can reach out to as many women as possible in accomplishing its mission.

British Asian Fashion Week (BAFW) and Asian Fashion Summit (AFS) are owned and organised by Terry Mardi Group, which is a privately owned group of interwoven business brands that puts creating value ahead of making profit. Terry Mardi Group has been serving the British Asian youth community for over 15 years.

The organisation is now all set to launch Asian Fashion Summit (AFS), which is the definitive global gathering, conference and seminar series for the Asian Fashion Industry in the western hemisphere. The AFS is designed to promote cohesiveness for the entire fashion eco-system so that businesses can share, learn and grow together. The AFS reaches out to fashion industry leaders from the entire Asia continent to network with global brand leaders and business associated with fashion from across the UK and Europe. The Asian Fashion Seminar is an all day event, later in the evening British Asian Fashion Week will preview a unique sell-out fashion show which will be accessible to the broader public as well as fashion buyers and the world media.

British Asian Fashion Week (BAFW) – Simply aims to celebrate the double identity that has existed for decades, that of the two wardrobes that exist in every British Asian’s household; a western wardrobe and of course the eastern more traditional one. In recent years a third wardrobe is emerging, this fusion wardrobe blurs the lines and has become a global phenomenon that is growing each day. BAFW is the celebration of this melting pot so come and join in and express yourself.

Sheetal Agheda, PR for BAFW, shared the following:

“British Asian Fashion Week (BAFW) celebrates the bi-cultural fashion influences British Asian’s experience today. We would like to give every British and South Asian designer the opportunity to thrive in a global market, not only to grow commercially but to explore the various undiscovered possibilities that this opportunity may bring. BAFW 2014 aims to offer designers and associated industries new paths to expand in your ever-evolving fashion businesses. We hope to bring you ample recognition and worthy achievements from these events in London.”

Sheetal Agheda - PR for BAFW
Sheetal Agheda – PR for BAFW

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