Posted on December 23, 2012 at 12:09 am

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Ill Defined Music is back with Unstoppable!

We told you back in July about the two brothers in the Asian Scene that are based out of the UK by the name of Mars2 and Ripz. After many years of producing, rapping and writing music, the UK hip hop duo, ILL DEFINED are ready to showcase their talent to the world. The two talented brothers, hail from the Bedford town just north from London.

The meaning of Ill Defined is: ‘not clearly or sharply defined’ it’s used to describe something that is not understood and something you do not quite know what to do with, it is like a problem. There name separates them from others in the industry as they bring their unique and universal concept of music to many listeners. They are back now with the lead single of there mix-tape “Unstoppable”!  The concept of the song came when we were both jamming in the studio and we wanted to write a song which would really make a statement about our mixtape and us as a whole. After Mar2s licked up the beat, it was perfect for us to start writing to. The word ‘unstoppable’ just perfectly described how we were feeling at the time and it was a perfect statement for what we wanted to say. – check out the link to download the full mix tape album.

The hook of the song talks about us ‘coming of the shelf’ and the statement we want to make. 2013 you will see ILL DEFDINED flood the game with new music, which will feature some of UK Hip hops well-known names.

Because the track had such a strong but positive meaning for us we wanted to get a feature that would countersign our solid but positive message. so we reached out to Jaja Soze as he also stands for the same positive message we had but also kept the ‘in your face’ feel.

The message we want to give to our audience is that although you might have a lot of adversaries hindering you from following your dreams, you have to remain focused and have an ‘unstoppable mind frame.’

The boys told us :

‘We wanted to create a positive track. We’ve been through a lot both in our music careers and personally…but we’re still here!’

‘After we made the beat the hook just came instantly, we reached out to Jaja and he loved the beat, and basically the rest is history!’

Check out “Unstoppable” as the two brothers take over with an “Unstoppable frame of mind!”


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