Posted on October 5, 2011 at 4:11 am

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Play the superhero with the launch of the Ra.One games

The creators of Ra.One have taken things up a step by marketing three games with the action packed movie, the Ra.One-India Games launch event was streamed live!

There are three types of Ra.One games – the action packed social game, the casual game, the G.One Adventure featuring Little G.One and the DTH/Java game. The Ra.One Genesis Game is also now available for all to purchase and the game brings to life G.One’s ten nemeses that represent the ten faces of the Indian mythological character, Raavan.

When asked as to how important the game is to the movie, Shah Rukh Khan replied, “People can’t stick to posters & trailers anymore. Promotion has to be entertaining & that’s why the games.”

Shah Rukh was even playing the games himself at the launch on an iPad! Shah Rukh Khan fans and Ra.One movie fans across the nation have yet another reason to celebrate with the Ra.One games are now just a click away on the movie website:

Be sure check out Ra.One coming to a theater near you!

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