Posted on August 17, 2023 at 4:46 am

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Ravie Dubey sets new record; performs 28 minutes long monologue in upcoming show

Establishing himself as one of the most versatile and bankable actors, Ravie Dubey has achieved a phenomenal feat with his upcoming show Lakhan Leela Bhargav by shooting for a 28 minutes long monologue sequence. Not only is the scene shot in a single take but also filmed with a single camera.


Photo Courtesy Ravie Dubey Team
Photo Courtesy Ravie Dubey Team


Playing a criminal lawyer from Lucknow in the show, Ravie shot for the monologue scene as a part of the concluding statement in the courtroom drama, streaming on Jio Cinema from 21st August.

Ravie Dubey shares,

“As an actor, I feel it’s our constant responsibility to push the envelope and deliver new, unique and interesting content to the audience. It’s our responsibility to attempt what’s not been done to the best of our ability. This 28 minute single shot monologue was one such opportunity that I got very excited about. We realised we have a winner at hand that can set a precedent. We worked on the script overnight on the sets post our shift and immediately shot it the next day in a single take. Being a courtroom drama the setting lent us an opportunity to attempt something like this, I am happy to report it went wonderfully well and we can safely say that this is among the longest single shot monologues in the world. This sequence adds a certain gravitas that not only elevates the impact of the show but also creates a valuable asset that we all will cherish for our lifetime.”

Presenting his swag and charm to Lakhan’s character, Ravie has created an interesting and heroic portrayal that is evidently appreciated from the teaser and trailer of the show.

Slipping into different looks in the show, Ravie yet again earns the title of a chameleon, hailed for his diverse avatars in Matsya Kand earlier.

Also looking forward to the release of Farradday, which not only stars him but is also produced by Ravie Dubey, the actor and producer is on a consistent run to deliver entertaining and impactful content to the audience.

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