Posted on August 19, 2023 at 6:59 am

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Bebika Dhurve takes a strong stand for Abhishek Malhan and his family

Actress Bebika Dhurve shot to instant fame after her appearance in Bigg Boss OTT season 2, and with her gameplay and bold personality, she was one of the deserving finalists amongst the top 5 contestants. The Bhagya Lakshmi actress built good relations with some of the close inmates inside BB House, but the one with whom her fights and cute friendship moments went viral and grabbed all the attention of the viewers was Abhishek Malhan.

Photo Courtesy Bebika Dhurve Team
Photo Courtesy Bebika Dhurve Team
People dubbed this frenemies bond not to be seen outside the BB house, and once the show goes off air, there will be no bond between them. But, when Bebika visited to meet Fukra Insaan, aka Abhishek, in the hospital, at the point itself, she made it clear that the quarrel and passing of bad words had been left behind in the house of BB, and she’s ready to carry forward her friendship with Abhishek further. And as Abhishek’s family is in the midst of getting trolled and disturbed by getting bad remarks on them, recently Bebika Dhurve came up and talked about the latter’s family and took a strong stand for them.

The actress recently took to her official social media account and requested people to not pass any bad comments. In her video, she said,
“I came across this news about Abhishek’s mom and sister receiving hate and derogatory comments. This is unnecessary; nobody listens to inadequate things about their family, and no one can tolerate it. I don’t know from where it is coming; I am new to this fandom, and my fans are new, and definitely they are not passing such worse remarks, but from wherever it is coming, it should be stopped. One should not speak badly about someone’s mother and sister in such a nasty manner.”
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