Posted on July 28, 2023 at 8:57 am

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Jiya Shankar’s solo yet righteous gameplay against Elvish achieves latter a tie score

Jiya Shankar is giving the toughest fight to everyone in the game and has proven herself extraordinary from other contestants and is nailing every performance in the Bigg Boss house.


Photo Courtesy Jiya Shankar Team
Photo Courtesy Jiya Shankar Team


In yesterday’s task, there were three contenders for the ticket to the finale task.  Jiya, Elvish, and Bebika were shopkeepers of a toy shop and other contestants had pebbles to buy toys. Contenders had to sell their toys in return for pebbles and their supporters can steal pebbles and toys from the rival contenders and keep them in their favorite contender’s shop. In the end, whoever has the highest number of pebbles will win the task.

Jiya was giving a tough fight to the rival contenders and she was the most entertaining contender among them. Even though there are three people in Elvish’s support but Jiya played a fair game without such support wherein Jiya also said, “Let them play dirty I will not play dirty”

In the end, Avinash gave her 10 pebbles which lead to a tie between Elvish and Jiya.  Neither Jiya nor Elvish got the ticket to the finale but Jiya was fair and more entertaining throughout the task than the others.

Jiya is the toughest fighter in the game and is winning audiences hearts with her excellent performance and praise from the audience.

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