Posted on July 25, 2023 at 4:38 am

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Bebika Dhurve’s fans angered over Abhishek and Manisha’s recent comments passed on her

Bebika Dhurve is locked inside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house and entertaining the audience to the fullest with her appearance in the show, and no doubt many of the contestants are targeting her, and she is getting betrayed by some of her in-house close friends, but then too, she is standing one side with her strong points and powerful mindset. Currently, she’s in the eyes of everyone watching the show as she has become one of the most favourite contestants this season, but what Abhishek Malhan and Manisha Rani did to her in the latest episode of Bigg Boss Ott 2 seems to have everyone talking.


Photo Courtesy Bebika Dhurve Team
Photo Courtesy Bebika Dhurve Team


The latest episode of BB was all about the angel-devil task that was performed between the two teams; one was named devil and the other angel, and this task created havoc in the house as Abhishek Malhan and Manisha Rani teamed up against Bebika Dhurve and accused her of some unnecessary and seemingly fake things that were not at all done by the latter, and they didn’t stop here as they went below the belt, and YouTuber Abhishek aka Fukra Insaan yelled some harsh remarks on Bebika, and Manisha crossed the line and talked bad about Bebika’s parents upbringing.

During the spat, Bebika and Manisha started calling each other names, and it ended up in a heated argument, in which Abhishek Malhan also got involved and threatened to beat Bebika for not being a woman. He also called her ‘ghatiya‘ and ‘Gandi aurat‘. Bebika then said, “Manisha is the fakest person in the house, and everyone knows that.” Responding to that, Manisha said, “Your parents will be ashamed of you for your behaviour.”

This has hurt Bebika from beneath, which was visible, and due to which her fans are firing on Abhishek and Malhan. More updates are expected to arrive shortly, so stay tuned.

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