Posted on February 23, 2023 at 1:37 am

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Harjinder Singh: I believe nothing can beat the silver screen

The OTT revolution is for real and here to stay. Every actor and technician wants to be a part of this space given the opportunity and exposure it gives. However, OTT projects take time, plus the competition has also increased in the medium and not to forget the discussion around intimacy being a regular in it. Inspector Avinash actor Harjinder Singh shares his opinion.

“Every great thing takes time. It needs lots of investment in terms of time and energy, lots of brainstorming and hard work goes behind making a series or a film or documentary. So there is no disappointment if it takes time but only gratitude and the experience one gains out of it is wonderful,” he says.

Competition on OTT has increased, more so after the pandemic.

“I believe nothing can beat the silver screen. Yes, OTT has become famous and demand has increased and it has also offered many actors an opportunity to showcase their skills. At the same time, the magnitude of the silver screen is unbeatable,” he adds.

Censorship on OTT is liberal given platforms follow self censorship and viewers’ discretion is possible, hence bold scenes and cuss words are common. Many use them to get viewers’ attention too.

“I believe it depends on the director to make it presentable and acceptable,” reacts Harjinder.

About his inspiration on OTT, he is quick to reply,

Pankaj Tripathi without a doubt. The way he has shown the vulnerable sides of his acting skills is commendable. I really enjoy watching him on screen much like his huge number of fan

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