Posted on September 23, 2022 at 8:11 am

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Shiksha Mandal’s Gaurav Singh talks about the positive changes in the education system

Gaurav Singh as Rahul Somani in Shiksha Mandal has been getting praises.


The response, according to the actor, has been pretty good, especially the storyline and how each character aligns with one another.

“Everyone did a fantastic job and each character was able to create the right impact, irrespective of how long or short their role was. It was mostly shot in Madhya Pradesh. I totally enjoyed playing this part,” he says.

Rahul, Gaurav’s on-screen character, is a young guy. The actor’s onscreen look is similar to how he looks in real life.

“I agree that my physical appearance is almost similar to the character that I played in Shiksha Mandal. But our personalities are totally different. My character Rahul Somani has gone through past trauma and I am generally a happy-go-lucky person. He is too mature according to his age,” he adds.

About the education system in India, he says,

“The Indian education system is getting better and it’s giving more importance to extracurricular activities, emotional awareness, and intelligence apart from just grades. I think for families below the poverty line, education should be free and mandatory because education is definitely a means to grow and get out of poverty.”

Gaurav has graduated in interior designing. And now, he is an actor and entrepreneur by profession.

“Education provides stability in life and opens the gate to more opportunities. An educated person can bring his/her family out of poverty and help society run smoothly,” he adds.


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