Posted on May 30, 2023 at 12:32 pm

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Taari Maari Kahani: Singers Sam Chandel and Ankit Sahu debuted their first song from the album, “Ghost,”

There is always a wonderful journey leading up to success. For Sam Chandel and Ankit Sahu, it has been a journey that began with a musically influenced childhood, continued as youth vocalists, and then culminated in a musical endeavor. They are now ready to release their brand-new album, “Ghosts,” which represents the culmination of their composing efforts that started in 2019. The singer debuted their debut single, “Tari Mari Kahani,” under the album ghost. The exquisite track is a unique composition of the album. Their bizarre ability to create a timeless melody and the beauty of Sam and Ankit’s voices are the perfect combination in this song, which will instantly touch your heart. ‘Taari Maari Kahani’ is for you if you’re a romantic at heart and a fan of traditional Indian music; their music continues to enthrall music fans around the globe.

Sam and Ankit
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 Why the name ‘Ghosts’, you may wonder? Sam and Ankit’s album name is meant to evoke the concept of the ghosts of the past. It symbolizes the residual feelings and memories that individuals carry from childhood, embodying perspective and thoughts as 90s’ kids. The album explores the way it perceived the world around and how those experiences have shaped the understanding of music. In essence, ‘Ghosts’ represents a combination of feelings, experiences, and perspectives—and how they perceived to influence us. The first song of the album has launched with six songs slated to be released each month.

Throughout their career, the talented singers continued to sing songs for other musicians and songwriters, becoming well-known names in the circuit. On June 24, 2014 they jointly began creating videos for a YouTube channel, starting with their very first song “Jeene lagaa hoon’. Today, that channel has over 24.1k subscribers.

Later, in 2019, Sam and Ankit began working on their debut album which has come to its completion. This week a new Gujarati song with the name, Celestial Dreams aka “Taari maari kahani” is all set to be launched. The duo has given it a soulful rendition and with their appealing melodies and passionate lyrics, it is bound to mesmerise listeners.

Sharing their love for the language, the two talk about the song and why it means so much to them. “Gujarati heritage runs in my family. This is the reason why I opted to have my first song in the language,” reveals Ankit Sahu.

Further he adds, “This song is significant to us because it holds a special place in our hearts. It will also resonate with every young person who has ever had a crush as it perfectly expresses the spontaneity of that unique moment of love. “

Both Sam and Ankit have been looking to collaborate with YouTube channels as they want to use their seductive voices and boundless imagination to inspire people, evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression on the music industry.

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