Posted on November 17, 2020 at 1:41 am

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Soumita Saha’s Art Work Gets Exhibited At Portland’s Artreach Gallery

Soumita Saha’s Art Work gets Exhibited at Portland’s Artreach Gallery

Soumita Saha’s Art Work gets Exhibited at Portland’s Artreach Gallery as Part of #GoViralToStopTheVirus global movement

The hugely successful online campaign #GoViralToStopTheVirus began in India in April 2020

Holding hands of Uttaran Chaudhuri, an advertising copywriter, successfully spread its wings through the advertising fraternity of Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai. Many celebrity artists and musicians joined the movement to make it a global endeavor. According to Uttaran “This movement aims to empower and connect the creative fraternity across the world and alleviate the sense of dread and anxiety associated with the pandemic by focusing on creativity. The bigger aim is to stop the virus from being a symbol of dread and to translate it into a symbol of hope.”

As the campaign keeps spreading its wings, the first offline World-exhibition of advertising and art of #GoViralToStopTheVirus begins at the ArtReach Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

International Singer and eminent Painter Soumita Saha Painting reaches ArtReach gallery as she actively becomes a part of the movement. Soumita is a successful playback singer in Tollywood not only she mesmerizes with her voice but her amazing Painting has not only touched netizens’ heart but also loved by art enthusiasts across the globe. As she becomes a part of #GoViralToStopTheVirusMovement her painting ” Conscience of India ” is gets exhibited at Portland’s Artreach Gallery. The Kolkata girl makes India proud having joined the free-flowing global art movement and making her Art reach Portland’s famous Artreach Gallery. Soumita was previously declared as one of the best emerging Painters of the year and successful of her painting “Conscience of India” ads another gem to the youth achiever’s crown.

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