Posted on June 16, 2022 at 8:54 pm

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Shivin Narang’s Ijazzat Hai Perfect For The Monsoons

Shivin Narang’s Ijazzat Hai Perfect For The Monsoons

Shivin Narang’s Latest Music Video Perfect For The Monsoons

The monsoons are almost here and there is no better way to welcome them than with actor Shivin Narang’s latest music video. Featuring actress Jasmin Bhasin alongside him, the actor says that the number, titled Ijazzat Hai, is really special to him.

“My music video with Jasmin is a romantic number. As the monsoons are approaching, the song also has a bit of rain. The name of the music video is Ijazzat Hai. It’s a really cute one and is our first collaboration,” he says.

Shivin has been part of some music videos before also and loves the genre. “I have not done so many music videos. I have been lucky that whatever music videos I have done, they have been with the biggest brands and have become top songs like Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi, Sunn Zara, Dooriyan, Chadeya Fitoor, Toota Taara, etc. My last music video was Akhiyaan Na Akhiyaan with Mukti Mohan it was shot in Goa and the whole look and feel was international. People really liked my look and the song too. It was a dance number and it was the first time that I did a lot of romantic and heart-breaking stuff in a project. This was the first one in which I was dancing whereas in earlier ones I haven’t danced much,” he says.

The actor has been juggling between film shoots and music videos for some time now. “I am in the middle of a lot of exciting projects. When we talk about films, they are made with a lot of love and they take their own sweet time to get released. I am working on a couple of projects right now and they are big ones. They are really special to me as an actor. Talking about music videos, not quantity-wise, but yes, all of them are very different and very different from the people I am working with. Like the last one was a dance number. Then I shot another one in the south with Aishwarya Rajnikant titled Musafir. This one was inspired by how humanity is. In this video, my look was very different. Generally, people look very glamorous in their music video but this was a de-glam look and was really appreciated. It’s an amazing journey and it always feels good as music videos have a short process. As a person, you have something new to walk on and within a short span of time, you can work with different people. I have been lucky that I have worked with some really good directors, whether it’s films or music videos. Music is something that I really love and since childhood, I have been a fan of Bollywood. I feel lucky to get this opportunity,” he says.

Shivin feels lucky to have got multiple opportunities to explore this genre of music videos as well.

“I feel lucky and blessed. I am just going with the flow. When you are working it’s very important to work on yourself. I keep learning new things. Since the ’90s, this trend of music videos has been thriving. Right now, in the scenario in which we are living, there is space for everything whether it’s filmed, web shows, YouTube videos, etc. Music videos are feel-good videos and I love watching music videos of international artists as well as the Indian ones. It’s a great way of entertainment. I am looking forward to doing a lot more of them. There are a few more songs that are coming up and I am looking forward to that,”

he says.

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