Posted on October 27, 2020 at 9:34 pm

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Des-C Release New Single By Your Side Out On October 28

Des-C Release New Single By Your Side Out On October 28

Des-C Release New Single By Your Side Out On October 28

After Des-C’s successful release of “Girlfriend” a few months back. Des-C now comes to us with his 1st ever self-Produced, a self-Directed film like single set on the horizon!

By Your Side – Has been beautifully sung none other than Des-C and penned by Pakistan’s well-known poet and writer Izhaar Mehdi Saab, who in recent years has stayed quiet. After bumping into each other numerous times at shows in Pakistan they decided to collaborate. Both Izhaar and Des-C explore a very unique and taboo subject matter which is more relevant now than ever before! The beat and initial idea was put together by Des-C and pitched to Izhaar. By Your Side is a modern-day romantic masterpiece. It’s a nicely balanced Punjabi concept enriched with an R&B melody that compliments one another.

The video – ‘By Your Side’ has been carefully thought out and impressively Directed, Written, sung, Co-Written, and Acted by Des-C. It Features the beautiful Priya Chauhan who helped realize Des-Cs’ vision through her acting skills through countless painstaking rehearsals. The Video immediately helps engulf the viewer and lets them draw up their own conclusions within a few seconds and leaves the viewer thinking they know where this is going… In the end, all is revealed!

Des-C who until now has been working tirelessly on perfecting his music craft among other hidden skills which are only coming to light now, promises us will be a turning point in his career. For now, enjoy …By Your Side

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