Posted on February 3, 2020 at 12:58 pm

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NEW MOVIE RELEASE: “Tokoloshe- An African Curse” haunts the USA

“Tokoloshe – The Calling” 

Movie Release: Tokoloshe – The Calling. Last night Richard Green and Arish Sirkissoon confirmed that their motion picture “Tokoloshe- The Calling” would release soon on VOD in the USA. The news was broken on the popular “Horror Society” website by their international sales agents. The press release stated the following:

“LOS ANGELES, CA.- Reel Nightmare Films has announced the February 14th Prime Video USA release of Tokoloshe: An African Curse, “an intriguing & atmospheric new horror feature with plenty of scares and high production value,” says Armand Petrikowski, Head of Operations of the horror/thriller distributor.

Based on the legend of the Tokoloshe. An urban myth that has terrified Africa in a similar way Americans fear the Boogeyman; the Tokoloshe is a sinister creature that haunts people’s dreams and possesses them to commit evil acts.

The Film’s Synopsis:

A novelist pressured for a new hit travels with his family to an abandoned hotel in South Africa. Unaware thats haunted by a demon known as the Tokoloshe. When the writer becomes possessed and begins terrorizing his family, a young woman experiencing supernatural visions linked to the hotel sets out to help the family and defeat the Tokoloshe.

Veteran filmmaker Richard Green directs Tokoloshe: An African Curse (also known as Tokoloshe-The Calling). Arish Sirkissoon (aka LX SETH) wrote and co-produced with Green. The film shot in Durban, South Africa. The film’s diverse cast includes Shezi Sibongiseni, Angela “

Green and Sirkissoon are enjoying great international recognition with the film. Likewise, said to sign more territories in the coming weeks. It seems the world has a fascination with horror films coming out of South Africa. When asked what they thought the winning formula was they agreed that it presents and defends ‘unique narratives that promote escapism’.

Furthermore, the Tokoloshe Team will have a premiere in South Africa. Celebrating the launch of the movie on ‘Prime Video” on the eve of valentine’s Day 2020 at Cine-Centre (Sun Coast Casino). The local release soon confirmed. No dates confirmed for a domestic release yet.


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