Posted on November 3, 2019 at 1:20 am

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K Zie Smash Single “Between Our Bodies” Is Out Now

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K Zie Smash Single “Between Our Bodies” Is Out Now

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K Zie Smash Single “Between Our Bodies” Is Out Now. K Zie is now back with his latest smash single “Between Our Bodies” produced by award-winning producer Alan Sampson, notably famous for his hits Ride It and Let Me by Jay Sean and Zayn Malik. The team around K Zie hopes that the tracks’ smooth and soulful vocals accompanied, thudding bassline and stylish music will establish K Zie as the latest musical export to come out of Croydon, following in the footsteps of Stormzy who earlier this year headlined Glastonbury Festival.

K Zie went onto say:

“It was an absolute privilege working with one of my inspirational producers who I grew up listening too. To actually be working with 10 years down the line is incredible. He is an absolute genius.”

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The song is about a man who is secretly having affairs with married women. However, there is no love between either party they are just addicted to each other bodies but K Zie goes onto portray that it is evil within one that makes you do this.

In conjunction with the release of his brand new single Between Our Bodies, K Zie is one of a handful of rising young stars selected to headline the school’s tour initiative which features performances and a discussion about mental health, discrimination, online safety and cyberbullying. The tour aims to raise awareness through the music of the struggles facing young people in communities across the UK and will provide signposting for those needing help.
K Zie’s school’s tour will run throughout the remainder of the Autumn term. His new single ‘Between Our Bodies’ is released on 27th October and will be available on all major streaming and download platforms.

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