Posted on September 21, 2023 at 4:09 pm

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Between Beats and Heartbeats: Ready to Fall in Love with Doona! on October 20th

Mark your calendars for October 20th! The release date for Doonahas been officially announced. Touted as the most anticipated romance series of the year, audiences worldwide are eagerly awaiting its debut on Netflix, promising to reveal an unparalleled romance story.

Crafted by Crash Landing On You’s visionary, Lee Jung-hyo, this anticipated tale traces the fates of Lee Won-jun, a college student, and the enigmatic ex-K-POP idol, Lee Doona, as they intertwine in a communal dwelling.

Showcasing a stellar combination: Suzy, lauded for Start-Up and While You Were Sleeping, plays Doona, an ex-idol. With Suzy’s dual credibility as a K-pop sensation and seasoned actress, anticipation is high. Alongside, Yang Se-jong, known for Dr. Romantic, embodies Won-jun, anchoring Doona’s stormy voyage.

Credit Netflix
Credit Netflix


The trailer, subtly captivating, alludes to a romantic saga: Doona, post-idol life, meets the tenacious Won-jun in an idyllic share house. Their dynamics teem with intrigue, as Doona’s candid feelings bewitch a perplexed Won-jun. Under Jung-hyo’s masterful hand, expect an enrapturing ride.


The teaser posters spotlight Doona and Won-jun’s magnetic bond. Their charged interaction is accentuated with dialogues such as “What goes in that mind of yours? I am dying to know” and “But don’t fall for me either”. Won-jun’s evident curiosity is captured in his words: “What if I still like you and miss you?”

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