Posted on March 22, 2021 at 5:45 am


Aesana Bhuta makes waves with celebrity photoshoots

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Aesana Bhuta’s diverse range of photoshoots:

Mumbai-based photographer and PR specialist Aesana Bhuta has been on a roll with celebrity photo shoots. Her extensive work in the entertainment industry has enabled her to bag exciting opportunities. Her portfolio features shoots with several popular clothing brands. Aesana’s shoots with actress Shivaleeka Oberoi and several other TV artists also enhance her photography expertise.

On kickstarting her career:

Aesana began her photography career through her education. “I had enrolled myself in a renowned photography institute to learn the skills,” Aesana said. “The assignments in modules helped me build my acumen as a creative artist to be honest. I begun my career by collaborating with modelling agencies for the looks I had curated. I then took a step further by attempting shoots with celebrities. The rest is history.”

Working with Raveena Tandon:

Aesana first received the chance to work with actress Raveena Tandon when she was hired as a photographer for Back Benchers, a celebrity quiz show hosted by Farah Khan. “I was called as a photographer for capturing her style quotient that day by someone from her team. By God’s grace, my photography style struck chords with her. Since then, there’s been no going back.”

The photographer also mentions that celebrity shoots like Raveena Tandon’s require more creative thinking than others. “Frankly there is no specific mood in a celebrity shoot,” Aesana said. “The shoot with celebrities is more about free flowing creativity on the spur of the moment. The aesthetics involved direct the play of lights. It’s all about being even in spreading the light while maintaining contrast.”

Thanks to the successful first shoot, Aesana also got the opportunity to work with Raveena for a second time, once again for a reality show. “I look forward to working with her in future as well,” she said.

Aesana’s other notable projects:

Raveena Tandon is not the only major star Aesana has worked with. The photographer has also worked with actress Tabu. “It was a wonderful experience to work with Tabu as a photographer on behest of the stylist,” Aesana said. “Her grace is immortal and the humility she beholds is resplendent. Her inclination towards technical details and years of knowledge gifted me wisdom on some levels.”

Aesana is currently busy balancing several new interesting projects as well. “I worked on a couple of shoots recently,” she said. “[Current projects include] other celebrity portfolio shoots, a bridal wear shoot, fashion shoots, magazine shoots, and more. I’m also excited for the visuals’ release on Instagram.”

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