Posted on January 20, 2021 at 3:11 pm

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Musical Artist Slayjal Jain releases multicultural “Olivídalo”

At the end of December, our favorite young Desi artist, Slayjal Jain, released “Olivídalo,” a multicultural song featuring both Spanish and English lyrics. Here’s how she did it.

1. This is your third single. How does it feel to have created so many beautiful songs now as “Slayjal Jain”?

It feels unbelievably invigorating to put out three songs now. I had not foreseen my songs turning out the way that they did! I had originally composed them in the form of a slow ballad accompanied by piano. It is amazing that accessing music technology can lead to experimentation with different instruments to create more upbeat music.

Olvídalo by Slayjal Jain

2. What is your favorite part about this new song?

My favorite part of “Olvídalo” is the last chorus. I have been told that the chorus has a catchy beat, and the lyrics fit the theme of the song, which is carpe diem (seize the day).

3. As you are not a native Spanish speaker, how did you learn to write these lyrics in Spanish? How did it feel to create a song in a different language- was it difficult?

As a non-native speaker, writing the lyrics was somewhat challenging. I began with a rough draft of the ideas I wanted to convey and then wrote out each verse of the song. In the end, I wanted to make sure that I was correctly utilizing figurative speech and grammar. I shared the lyrics with a close friend, who is a native speaker, and considered her suggestions. In the end, I am glad to be able to expand my audience.
Slayjal Jain
Slayjal Jain

4. What was your production process like? 

The production process took me time to understand. My mentor, Mr. Ray Price from Notes studio, encouraged me to watch tutorials to learn the proper technique and vocabulary. Mixing allowed me to bring all the instruments and vocals together without clashing. I was also able to decrease the white noise and pop in some special effects like nature sounds and fading.

5. What were your thoughts as you were writing the song? Any story behind it?

The story behind the song is I wished to deviate from common topics in songs I listen to, such as love and breakups. I used to feel very stressed, and so I decided to write a song about letting go and enjoying the moment to inspire myself to reflect deeper.
Slayjal Jain
Slayjal Jain

6. Where do you find your inspiration for your songs and music videos?

The song can have multiple interpretations. Some see it in a romantic context while others see it as a message of living life to the fullest. I personally had intended the song to be closer to the second definition. Surprisingly, there wasn’t anyone in particular who inspired me to write this song rather just the ideas I described earlier. I wanted to make a music video to include engaging visuals, and allow people to put a face to a name. In addition, I realized that producing my music video was an opportunity to influence the interpretation to be more closely related to my purpose. This is why the video clips were more focused on family, different settings, and fun activities instead of a person of romantic interest. 
Sejal Jain
Slayjal Jain

7. What can fans expect in the next year?

SJX Dynamics is my music production and publishing company, and I will continue to release music under my company and artist name (Slayjal Jain). I am honestly just as unsure as to what to expect in the coming year! I know that I enjoy making music, and by not putting pressure on myself with set deadlines, my passion does not get trampled by the stress. I’m waiting for random inspiration to strike again!
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