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Harshita Gaur: UA Exclusive Interview

Harshita Gaur is an actress who’s on the rise due to her appearances in critically-acclaimed web series like Mirzapur on Amazon Prime Video and Sacred Games on Netflix. We spoke to Harshita Gaur about her favorite projects and her journey as an actress.

1. You’ve completed a degree in engineering. What sparked your interest in acting?

I’ve always wanted to be an actor. I’ve been a performer always since school and college days, I used to do Kathak and stage performances. Even as a child, my mom tells me now, I used to just mimic everybody who I would meet. Then it later on, it became the on-screen thing. Although my engineering degree was just because my parents wanted me to have a professional setup, reflecting back, because we don’t come from any background – I come from a family of doctors.

Harshita Gaur
Harshita Gaur

2. How did you bag the role of Sanyukta in Sadda Haq? What was the subsequent response to your role from audiences like?

I bagged the role of  Sanyukta in Sadda Haq through an audition while I was studying in last year of my college. I was in Bombay and auditioned for this and went back to Delhi for my last year exams. It was on my mind to shift base to Bombay and that’s when I got a call confirming the role so it all happened simultaneously. 

I have received amazing responses for  Sanyukta and Sadda haq. I played that role for two and a half years and it was overwhelming for me to know, a lot of girls used to come on my set and say how inspired they were and how my character made them stand up for themselves. It was a very strong character and was something that I actually learned a lot from at the same time and I think it not only inspired audiences or you know those girls but it also inspired me  So yeah, Sanyukta’s journey is very close to my heart.

3. How has the pandemic affected your plans this year?

We are all in this situation all of a sudden and yes i did miss being on sets. But thankfully I’m back to shooting in the new normal. During lockdown, I did use a lot of time to do things which I always wanted to- like I started learning to play the flute. It’s been a time of self introspection but I am happy to get back to shooting.

4. You frequently commute between Delhi and Mumbai for work. What do you love about both cities?

I really love both the cities. Delhi – is where i was born and raised, My family is here, cousins and friends. As for Mumbai. I love this city  because it’s my ‘work’ city.  It has taught me things like Mumbai has made me the person that I cherish now whether it is professionally or personally so yeah, and I love the fact that it is more safe for women. Also I’m a beach person.

Harshita Shekhar Gaur 1

5. You’ve reprised your role as Dimpy for Mirzapur S2. For readers who haven’t watched Mirzapur, tell us a little about your character. What’s she up to in season 2?  

First of all, I want to tell all the people who’ve not watched the first season please do watch both. Yes, I have my role as Dimpy. She  is from a family where there are two brothers who sort of get into a bad world. But Dimpy is someone who you see as a nice girl, the next door type of person who has her father’s values intact. She’s more like the person who’s been following the father’s values at the same time loves the brothers so much. So I think she is  someone who is a balancing factor in the entire family, and in season 2 now things are little changed, she’s lost her brother and her close friend. Even with her values intact, her reality is shifting and that’s why there’s a lot of conflict in her character, which is interesting to see.

Harshita Gaur in Mirzapur
Harshita Gaur in Mirzapur

6. Do you have any interesting upcoming projects to look forward to?

Nothing concrete that I can talk about right now, things are in process and you know meetings are happening. Also, fingers crossed looking forward to interesting projects coming my way after season two

7. What was the experience like working on Sacred Games 2?

Working on Sacred Games season 2 was a wonderful experience. I was working with Mr Anurag Kashyap for the first time and I absolutely loved the way he directs and the whole team. I was shooting for another thing and it was like two shifts in one day where I was doing night shifts with sacred Game season 2 and day shifts somewhere else. And again, I think everything on set comforted me so much and made me feel like home.

8. What’s been your favourite project to work on so far?  

All the projects are interesting. You know what happens when an actor gets into a project; everything seems very, very interesting. I think all these assignments like Sadda Haq were fabulous experiences to work on and established me as an actor. Then of course, Mirzapur and Scared games 2 and all these are very interesting projects that I’ve done.

9. Name some inspirations. 

In terms of inspiration, I have a lot of actors that inspire me. I’ve seen people who’ve worked in Mirzapur like Shweta Tripathi, Rasika Duggal, Sheeba Chaddha they all are so talented, I look up to them. I also look up to and am inspired by Radhika Apte, her discipline and talent can be seen from her body of work!

10. Do you prefer acting in movies or web series?

I still haven’t done a film yet. So I can’t speak about that of course, but I am a performer and if the character entices me, I will prefer that always. I cannot however wait to bag a feature film soon.

11. What’s a must-visit place you’ve been to?

Recently, I have discovered a magical experience in South Goa which is considered as very peaceful and away from the crowd. I think that everyone should do it. I mean, it just brought me closer to Nature So I guess that’s a must visit on my list.

12. Who are some people you’ve enjoyed working with so far, and who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

I have absolutely absolutely loved working with people and have always been in a lucky situation that people I end up working with become family at the end of the shoot. I’m looking to collaborate again with Mr. Kashyap or Punit Ji Kokiri. My writers and director of the Mirzapur and entire team  I’m also looking forward to work  with Ali, Shweta Divyendu, even my Sadda Haq Team. Yes, I find family everywhere. And it’s always good to work with family again.

Harshita's Mirzapur SS

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