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Maya Pereira Sawant shares her trendy health hacks and personal experiences

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We had a chat with Maya Pereira Sawant, a personal trainer, metabolic nutritionist, and founder of Lean Kitchen By Maya. Read below to learn about her story.

1) Tell us your story. What brought you to nutrition as your career?

I started of my career into fitness at an early age of 19, at that age it was nothing serious and I wanted to take up a part time job and help out at home. I never knew or planned for fitness and nutrition to become a career for me until I started working at Body Sculptor. However, I grew more found of it and I did my certification course and I studied in-depth into it and I felt nutrition as a big part in helping clients reach their goal. Training alone will not help and nutrition was equally important. It was just out of curiosity and the craving to get more knowledge in nutrition made it  a major part of my life.


2) How do you stay healthy on a daily basis? What is your routine?

I like to finish my workout first thing in the morning but it’s not a set routine as I do have a 5 year old kid and life has been a little bit erratic since last 6 months. I have a healthy breakfast and I like to keep it very simple and not too fancy. It has to be something which is very quick to make like sweet oats porridge or a savoury pan cake made out of oat and eggs. I do my meals preps preferably a week or 4-5 days in advance so I know exactly of what I want to eat and how I am going to eat.

To be very honest 4-5 months back it was quite difficult because we had no help and with the business taking a big hit, my mind-set was not there and I didn’t want to do anything. I realised that I cannot be that way and needed to come back to the routine as life doesn’t stop and we need to focus on what needs to be done. I keep my eating to very basic and eat very healthy, I have my greens and have my proteins. The days I don’t get to do my workout I go for my walks and try and just relax.


3) #1 tip on nutrition you would give to anyone & everyone?

The #1 tip I would give in nutrition is keep it very simple, be very mindful of what you eat. You are allowed to indulge in your cravings once in a while. Don’t punish yourself if you do, enjoy that moment and get back to your normal routine. You have a goal you have aspired to reach and you have chosen to eat healthy for yourself and for your body so keep it very simple don’t get too influenced listen to what your body needs and enjoy your food.


4) Why did you found Lean Kitchen by Maya? What do you strive to do with your company?

Lean Kitchen was always on my mind ever since I started training my clients and consulting them on nutrition. Lot of them found it difficult to adhere to consume basic nutrition because of their working lifestyle. It was very difficult for people to be more creative or measure their meal intake. I felt a lot of people were not maintaining a healthy lifestyle because of the lack of time and commitment. There was need for someone who can take care of thier meals and be a little more innovative and yet tasty, also controlled in terms of the meal portions so that they can achieve their goals. Not everyone was looking for something that was goal oriented but they wanted something healthy and I wanted to do that for them.

Once my son was born I had a lot of time to think about it and I decided to give it a try. It started with me cooking meals from home and curating my own meals. I tried to make it as healthy as possible and provided to a few of my clients and friends and I carried on from that and Lean Kitchen started. 

Maya Pereira Sawant
Maya Pereira Sawant

What we strive to achieve with Lean Kitchen is to educate people about the need for healthy eating and also provide a platform where people can consult us on the daily meal plans.

We do an in depth research on the client and then accordingly provide them the meal plans based on the nutrients they require as per their body type. The long term goal of Lean Kitchen is to promote the culture of healthy eating and taking care of themselves. The idea is healthy eating can be delicious and there is a variety which can be explored in this space and breaking the notion that health eating means giving up delicious food.


5) What is your favorite part about food?

The best thing about food for me is that in order to enjoy food you do not have to consume junk and fried stuff to satisfy your craving but you can have all these things in a very innovative, creative way. You can play with the ingredients, you can make it colourful and make it delicious. I feel food is something that you experience not just through your pallet but also through all other senses. It should excite you and that’s what food does to me. That’s the reason I got into this field because I kind of have an understanding of what food was. I really love my food and my itch to create and try make something unhealthy a little bit healthier and interesting when you eat it makes me happy.


6) What do you do when you get the craving for junk food? How do you keep yourself from bingeing on any junk food?

It is not easy to stop your cravings, you need to train your mind into it and it’s more of a mind game over anything else. Whenever I get these cravings I try to divert my mind and get myself busy by reading a book or doing some work. To curb your cravings you must eat well, eat during regular intervals and keep yourself hydrated.

Sometimes you feel you are hungry but it’s not hunger but thirst as you are dehydrated. There are times when you cannot control it and during those times I feel it is good to indulge yourself a little bit once in a while but you need to know how to get back on track. What works for me to avoid bingeing is to not to keep things like candies, chips etc in the house, avoid food apps for some time and try and curb those cravings. Drink lot of water to curb your cravings. 


7) How have you been coping with the pandemic? How has nutrition played a part in your pandemic routine?

It hasn’t been easy on any of use. It come as a huge shock and a big vacation to all of u, as it has forced us to sit at home and practically do nothing. On a positive note it has shown us how important our health, immunity and cleanliness is. The things that we used to take for granted like family and friends, the pandemic has made us more aware of these things and in a way got us closer. In terms of nutrition, now people will pay more attention to their meals, to their lifestyles.

Maya Pereira Sawant
Maya Pereira Sawant

I am sure many people would want to lead a better lifestyle in the coming years because I don’t think anyone would want to see this time again, it will take some time for all of us to recover from it and we will want to live in a cleaner and environment friendly planet. Food is also one of the main ingredients of what you put into your body. It has played a very major role in immunity building because the stronger the immunity the lesser the chance for you to catch the virus or the faster chance if recovering. Yes the pandemic has taken a lot from us, but we have tried to learn from it and be more mindful toward our wellbeing.

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