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Interview With Sanjay Seran From Band Delhi 2 Dublin

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Interview With Sanjay Seran From Band Delhi 2 Dublin

Delhi 2 Dublin was formed for a performance at the Vancouver Celtic Festival on 16 March 2006. The event was called ‘Delhi to Dublin’, which the group then took as their name. Founding members were Tarun Nayar (of Beats Without Borders cred), Sanjay Seran (at the time hailing from live bhangra act Signia), violinist Kytami, the late fiddle player Oliver Schroer and Adrian Blackhurst (also of Beats Without Borders). Their music was well received, and they began to play various venues, block parties, and festivals around Vancouver. Within their first few months, their lineup solidified to Tarun Nayar (tabla, electronics), Sanjay Seran (vocals), Kytami (violin), and new members Andrew Kim (sitar, guitar) and Ravi Binning (dhol). Their first big break was opening the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on 1 July 2007. The crowd was estimated at 150,000 and the show was broadcast live on national TV. At that point, they had written only 3 songs.

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Tell us what is behind Delhi 2 Dublin
Our past, if you consider the time to be linear that is. Also back there are our teen years. ☺

Weed, samosa, and Siracha…. Tell us more about this song. What came in mind while composing the lyrics?

The chorus is pretty self-explanatory, but the song really is about more than those wonderful three things. It’s about celebrating the little things in life, the stuff that makes our day shine, or just that much better. And that is what we are singing about in the verses, little things like getting a parking spot right outside of your favorite coffee shop, and then not having to wait in line! I mean I’m not going to argue that the magic green plant makes appreciating these things a little easier but we really do need to look around every now and then and appreciate the Good Good Life.

Your recently performed in Vancouver on Canada day. Tell us about your experience…..

I have mixed emotions about performing on Canada Day. It’s not a celebration for all people, and I’m conscious of the dark and disgusting past of this country. But on the day looking out to the 10-20 thousand or so faces in the audience it was absolutely beautiful. Seeing such a diverse group of people all singing along to our songs was amazing. I celebrate the fact that I was able to grow up in such a safe place and can call such a beautiful place home. I appreciate the fact that my parents were welcomed to immigrate here. At one point in the set, right before introducing the song Home (Everywhere I Go), looking out and seeing such a mix of people brought tears to my eyes, one of the more emotional Canada Days I’ve experienced for sure.

Which one is your personal favorite song?
On the album, my favorite song at the moment is My People. But I truly believe this is the best album we’ve ever put out and I really do love each and every song. It’s like a group of friends, I have different relationships with all of them, and they all play different roles in my life.

What was the biggest challenge you faced during the process of making an album?

Getting over insecurities and doing things the way I have been used to. We wrote a pop album and I said some things on this record that I probably wouldn’t have in the past and that goes for my delivery too. So I guess the challenge was breaking down the barriers in order to grow.

What is the inspiration behind this music?
We wanted to keep the essence of Delhi 2 Dublin but reach the largest amount of people. We wanted to make an album that would have a global appeal with big picture messaging, something that would go on to live a life much larger than us, and I think We Got This is that record.

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Who is your favorite band/singer?
U2 would be my favorite band. Although I don’t listen to much of their new music. And the singer would be Swae Lee.

Is there someone you would want to collaborate in the near future?
YES, so many! NAV, Deep Jandu, Harj Nagra, Intense, Raja Kumari, DIVINE, Sickick, Blitzkrieg, Abhi The Nomad…

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
That’s always a hard question. I’m very much a go with the flow kinda person… so where ever the flow takes me, I’ll be there.
Some words for your fans…… Thank you for your support. A band doesn’t survive for 14 years without the support of a lot of people. Know that we appreciate it.

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