Posted on February 7, 2019 at 6:28 pm

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Arpit G: A Musical Talent That Stays True To His Roots

Arpit G : Exclusive on his life in the music industry

There are few artists that stay true to their roots, keeping their authentic and modern at the same time, Arpit clearly fits the description. His music speaks for itself. His track Husn nawabi received raving reviews, an upbeat tune that’s melodic and authentic to say the least. He’s recent releases show diversification, Arpit is clearly not afraid to challenge himself vocally. Unbelievably I find that he has yet to receive the recognition he deserves, maybe it’s the auto tune that people buy in too these days eh?

He has impeccable taste in music and also some killer style! Arpit, being the amazing artist that he is, took the time to speak to us about his life and musical journey. Here is what he had to say:

Tell me about your life before music and how music became a career.

No one in my family is from a music background. My father was keen on getting me and my brother on All India Radio as young voices for storytelling shows. He was able to get us placed. We did that for quite some time and thats’s where I had my first affair with a microphone. Years later, we moved to USA and saw Sonu Nigam live in concert. As soon as I saw him, I was gravitated towards all things music. I started learning more about the process near 2002.  Ten years later and with lots of time spent behind personal computers, I started producing Jingles and TV Ads which eventually led to me working with Meet Bros (Baby Doll fame) and then shifted my base to Mumbai in 2017 to pursue music full time. 

Where you grow up and how did it influence you?

Definitely, Kishore Kumar and Rafi were my early influences in Ahmedabad, India. As more and more 90s music came along, Sonu Nigam and AR Rahman became some of my biggest influences to learn and produce music. 

Who are your musical inspirations?

Kishore Kumar, Rafi , Sonu Nigam, AR Rahman, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake.

AR Rahman and Arpit G

What do you like and dislike about the industry?

One of my recent dislikes about the industry is the focus on the “millions” of views. The audience seems to like the songs regardless of the views but this puts a pressure on the artist to go out and seek views by either buying them or other roundabout ways. The person who ultimately suffers here is the artists because they feel the validation comes from hitting the numbers on youtube. Luckily, when I was in Mumbai, I had some great mentors that showed me the ropes of the game and how much of what we see is just a facade. This really helped me get a good understanding of where I want to be as an artist and not chase views or compare myself to other artists.

How you feel about the constant change?

Change is good! If we didn’t see the change form CD to Streaming and TV to YouTube, we would be missing out on lots of new hidden talent.  I am a huge proponent of change if things were not changing like anything this would get monotonous as well.

What you would define as your sound?

It’s funny that you asked me that because I work in various genres from Pop to hip-hop to Bollywood and Indian classical zone as well. The songs that I try to make our relatable to my experiences and when I see the world as. As far as that gets across in my music that’s what I define as my sound.

Furthermore, tell us about the creative process behind Husn Nawabi.

Initially, the song was called heartbeat and the lyrics were completely different as well. After sitting on the song for a month I decided to mute the vocals and rewrite the melody. Once that was done I sent the track to my co-producer, Dr. Vilest, in India and sent the melody to Gagg-E Sohal for fine tuning the lyrics. As soon as I received the new set of lyrics and I heard my mom humming the hook, I knew something good was brewing. Overall it was a month of back and forth between my team and we finished the track. The tricky part was to get the mix of the song to sound perfect and different than what the “sound” was at the time. My engineer, Sunil Sehgal, stepped in and took to song to another level acoustically.


Finally, what advice you would give to other artists out there? Also tell us a little bit about your family and their support towards your career.

One thing I constantly see if mimicking other artists or well capable singers doing cover songs. Cover songs have their place if they are done in a smart way but most of the covers you see nowadays are just remakes which provide little creative value other than showing the vocal capability of the singer. I say write original songs and write lots of them. Its a process, but all it takes is one song to get the success. I’m still waiting for that one song to land in my lap through my creative process.

Family support has always been there. I come from a Jain Baniya family so the emphasis on education was always there. Honestly, I did not know where my music career would start or go until two years after my graduation so I am glad I have the degree in pharmacy.



Arpits’ cover of humsafar is virtually heart warming, vocally strong and absolutely stunning. Nakhre on the other hand, follows trail alongside Husn Nawabi. A vibrant upbeat rack for any happy occasion. It includes strong rap provided by collaborators and amazing production.

It’s no surprise that Arpit is a family orientated artist! We sure know that his music brings friends and family closer! Not to mention, bringing the heat and love in any room with speakers blasting! Be sure to follow Arpit G‘s journey and trust me, you will surely be creating an Arpit G playlist for your daily pleasure!

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