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Prem Singh Sets Milestone In ‘Tiger’ As Pardeep Singh Nagra

Prem Singh Sets Milestone In ‘Tiger’ As Pardeep Singh Nagra

Prem Singh, actor and producer plays the lead role in Tiger as a Pardeep Singh Nagra. Indian-origin actor also co-wrote the screenplay of the movie.

Prem is a professional Bollywood dancer, having studied with legendary dance teacher Shiamak Davar. ‘Tiger’ – a boxing drama based on the true story of Indian-origin, Canadian boxer-turned activist, Pardeep Singh Nagra, who created ripples within the boxing community back in the late 1990s, will finally see the light of the day on November 30.

This incredible artist who blows us away with his acting in Tiger has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. His act in Breakaway is another milestone.

Let’s hear more from Prem in an interview about his amazing journey!

Was it difficult to get the part in the film as a lead actor?

Prem: It wasn’t easy to get the role, but I am very grateful that I was given this opportunity to act into something that I co-wrote. I guess I was mentally preparing myself for a moment like this and I had to prove to the entire team that I would be the best fit for this particular role.

We see a lot of compassion in your acting during the film. Please elaborate ….
Prem: The compassion comes from the way Pardeep is written and the vision our director Alister Girerson had for the character. But above all the compassion and drive comes from the real Pardeep Singh Nagra whom I have studied for years, not to mention putting everything I had physically and mentally into this role.

What was the most challenging part of the film?

Prem: The most challenging part of the film, was getting through the hurdles. The Hurdles as new screenwriters Michael Pugliese (who does a fantastic job not only as a writer but as an actor playing Brian Doyle). We were told that “it will never get made”.”No one wants to see a guy in a turban and beard.” What we had to do as a team was to prove people wrong and we have been doing that since the beginning,

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Did you participate in any special fitness training for the role of a boxer?

Prem: Oh yes! I trained with some wonderful coaches. Waking up every day at 5 am to do morning cardio, then working on my boxing, and weight training in the evenings was something I had to stay dedicated to if I wanted to do justice to the role. I trailed with Pardeep’s actual coach Dewith Frazer, who helped me learn the fighting style that Pardeep had as well as strength and conditioning coaches from Strong Athlete, and my weight training, and nutritionist John Aiello who was on set with me every day making sure I was in the best shape of my life.

How was your experience working with some major star cast?
Prem: It was a dream come true. Working with talented actors like Mickey Rourke, Janel Parrish, Michael Pugliese, and Manesh Marshall is something I will never forget. I learned so much, by working with all these talented people and it helped me grow as an actor and made me a better actor.

Is there a moment in the film that you would like to share with us?
Prem: The first day I walked on set. To know that something we created with our wonderful team, Rocco Pugliese, Jeff Maynard, Jenni Gold, Howard Nash, and Robert Kwartler, gives all of us that sense of accomplishment. We have been through so much trying to get this film made and on that day when we went to the camera, it was a moment to be grateful for. But there is one particular thing that I will share with you is when I broke my nose on set. It was the final fight and Michael swings to punch me and as I turn my face there was the Camera right by my face. So I whipped my face into the camera and shifted my nose, blood everywhere. I wanted to keep going but…..when I saw Michael’s face as if he was going to faint I knew something was wrong.

Any new projects you would want to share with us?

Prem: I have been offered other films, and I am currently reading some scripts for my next role, as well as developing films under our banner Running Tiger Films, but currently I am traveling around the US and Canada to promote TIGER.

Few words for your fans…..
Prem: Go out on Nov 30, 2018, and watch TIGER in theatres, It’s a great film that spreads a great message and you will enjoy this film, and thank you for all your love and support.

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