Posted on November 21, 2023 at 2:13 am

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Sana Raees Khan’s makaan takes some important decisions!

Lawyer Sana Raees Khan has been placed in the Dimaag makaan for a reason in the Bigg Boss house. In yesterday’s episode, Sana’s house had to think carefully and decide who they feel are living in grace period in the Bigg Boss house.


Photo Courtesy Sana Raees Khan Team
Photo Courtesy Sana Raees Khan Team
After close evaluation, the house members, Sana, Vicky, Tehelka, Arun and Anurag, chose Naved, Jigna and Rinku. Then, Bigg Boss asked the Dum makaan to decide who should go out, and they chose Naved.
Meanwhile, Sana has been shining in the Bigg Boss house, even though many people are targeting her at the same time. Sana also gave a reality check to Arun and Tehelka that people would have chosen them, if they were not part of the house that selected the weakest players. She also told Mannara very clearly that she is not following Vicky’s choices. She also heard Mannara out when she told Sana indirectly that she needs to keep her people close.
Sana Raees Khan has been also impressing us with her style choices. She looked so beautiful in her patterned shirt and pink trousers. Her choices are a perfect mix of comfort and style, and we are loving it!
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