Posted on November 17, 2023 at 2:35 am

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Sana Raees Khan aces BB Diwali party task; fans impressed that she didn’t hurt others!

There are very few people in the Bigg Boss house who actually apologise for unintentionally hurting others, and one such person is lawyer Sana Raees Khan. Yesterday, during a task, she had to criticise her fellow inmates. And while she did the task perfectly, she made sure to not go below the belt. Also, she also made sure that the people who she criticised did not get hurt.


Photo Courtesy Sana Raees Khan Team
Photo Courtesy Sana Raees Khan Team


She had to talk about actress Rinku Dhawan and she described her as someone who plays behind others. However, she made sure to go and apologise to Rinku after that. Meanwhile, she also had to criticize Navid Sole and Munawar Faruqui. For Navid, she said he is someone who doesn’t understand things but he is playing it safe and this is boring. And for Munawar, she said tries to be a poet but he is a coward and can’t even take a stand.
It’s also the way she said these things that mattered. She made sure to not go very personal and stuck to things that happened in the house. Besides this, she also became a little poetic in her description, which made what she said very interesting.

Sana has been playing the game well, and is quite the talking point in the house. She does not refrain from speaking her mind, but is also conscious about not hurting others.

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