Posted on November 21, 2023 at 1:49 am

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Rinku Dhawan gets support from fellow housemates over heated argument with Khanzaadi

Bigg Boss 17 has reached the 6th week and gradually there are more discords and conflicts happening. Housemates are getting involved in tasks and thus people are fighting.


Photo Courtesy Rinku Dhawan Team
Photo Courtesy Rinku Dhawan Team


In last night’s episode, we saw, Khanzaadi tells Neil that the doctor has advised her to rest and take a break from the duties she was doing before. Neil then tells her “You always choose your own duties”. Rinku also joins the conversation and says,’I am done with her.’ Khanzaadi says “I am not saying anything to you, just leave”. Rinku says shut up, and calls her a fool. Neil then took Rinku’s side and says Khanzaadi is insulting Rinku who has always been there for her. Khanzaadi says that wasn’t insulting her. Neil shouts and calls her crazy, saying that Rinku has always stood by you.
The argument went on for some time and Rinku was loosing her temper as she has always supported Khanzaadi. Her adamant attitude made Rinku more angry, after this Abhishek came and took Rinku outside of the room and told her Khanzaadi was thankless. Aishwarya also told Khanzaadi about Rinku’s contribution in supporting Khanzaadi in the past. Rinku whom we have only seen very calm and composed later spoke to Bigg Boss on her microphone and says today she would have hit Khanzaadi. She also apologized to Bigg Boss for her anger.
Dum Ka Ghar (Vicky, Anurag, Tehelka, Sana) nominated her, Jigna and Naved for the elimination. Later on Neil, Aishwarya and Khanzaadi finally chose Naved for the elimination. They have saved Rinku because her contribution was definitely more than Naved in the house. While nominating her people do comment on the entertainment factor in the house. Rinku Dhawan who has been on her toes from day one at the kitchen always helpful towards everyone and always raised her voice against the wrong. It seems, for few people entertainment is more important than anything!
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