Posted on November 14, 2023 at 1:13 am

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Mohit Malhotra on his Japan trip: Always wanted to visit Japan… tried exploring the country, it’s beauty, nature

Actor Mohit Malhotra enjoys travelling. He recently went to Japan and had a gala time, made new friends, and so on.


Photo Courtesy Mohit Malhotra Team
Photo Courtesy Mohit Malhotra Team


“I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. It’s very beautiful but not a very popular place among the tourists and that’s why I wanted to visit Japan where not everybody is going. So I wanted to explore the country which is unique and has great beauty, nature and incredible culture,” he adds.

Mohit Went to Tokyo, then to Kyoto, Osaka, Nara. In short he visited four cities..

“I loved and enjoyed various cuisines in Japan. Tempura is one of the great dishes I really savored, and I found a restaurant that served exceptional tempura. I also tried udon noodles at a dedicated udon restaurant, and they were incredibly popular. It was a fantastic culinary experience,” he shares.

Did you face any language issues?

“Yes language has been an issue in Japan, I think if you don’t know Japanese it gets a little hard, you have to always be on Google translator and even you know when you go there to the airport or stations, the Japanese people they have the translators with them. But it gets difficult because they don’t speak English and everybody wants to speak Japanese and menus are in Japanese sometimes you’re not able to understand what to order so you have to, you know, really use a technology to help yourself look at the pictures and see okay this is what I want,” he says.

Photo Courtesy Mohit Malhotra Team
Photo Courtesy Mohit Malhotra Team


Traveling is very important for Mohit.

“That’s my first and foremost thing to do every year. And I feel when you go to different countries and explore different cultures and meet different kinds of people and you know explore their cultures and cities and the kind of things they experience I think it really widens your perspective as an actor and as a human being,” he says.

So what’s your list of must-have travel essentials?

“Over a period of time I try to minimize the things that I travel with. I think the most important thing that I travel with is my battery pack. Because phone is always dying and you know when you’re traveling you need a battery pack to sort of keep charging it and I think my credit cards my battery pack, and sometimes a backpack you know which has some essentials and a water bottle, so that really helps while traveling and rest you pack as minimal clothes as possible because I like to shop and I go up abroad um so I take the empty suitcases and bring back a filled suitcase,” he ends.

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