Posted on November 11, 2023 at 4:25 am

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Exclusive: Kanwar Dhillon opens up on his journey and shares his interest in exploring the comedy and action genres

Kanwar Dhillon has amazed the audience with his acting prowess over the years on many television shows. His most recent role of Shiva Pandya in Star Plus’s ‘Pandya Store’ was a hit among the audience and earned international popularity post the show. Kanwar opens up on his journey as an actor, and shares the kinds of roles he would like to explore.


Photo Courtesy Kanwar Dhillon Team
Photo Courtesy Kanwar Dhillon Team


Talking about whether it’s easier to become an actor today, Kanwar reflects on what he has learned from his experience. He says,

“Becoming an actor may seem accessible today with platforms like Instagram Reels and other social media channels offering ample opportunities. However, sustaining a career in acting requires more than just opportunities. It entails honing your craft, continuous self-improvement, understanding your trajectory, and that, in today’s industry, is the most formidable challenge. Many can enter the field, but enduring success is the true test. The most challenging part of my journey was making my debut in a negative lead role in ‘Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha’. Transitioning from that to playing main leads was a significant endeavor, as our industry tends to typecast actors into similar roles. Personally, I found experimentation in television a bit risky, having experienced this first-hand. After my role in ‘Internet Wala Love,’ I became resolute about my goal of playing leads and being a hero. I decided that television isn’t the platform for experimentation, and I believe other platforms offer more opportunities for that.After Internet Wala Love and the whole experience post that,I became even more resolute to only playing Main Leads & being a Hero. I even went ahead with Pandya Store only after being convinced on seeing the Tamil version & knowing Shiva Pandya is going to strike a chord! Its was a gamble being a multi-starrer & I had my reservations but went with my inner feeling. Rest is history! I am glad it turned out to be the best show of my career & personally my longest running show.”

While many believe luck plays an important role in one’s career, Kanwar says that while it can be true, hard work cannot be ignored. He says,

“Indeed, luck and destiny play significant roles in our lives, but what many overlook is the importance of hard work. I firmly believe that success requires a strong work ethic. It’s essential to stay focused on your goals, avoid distractions along the way, and make wise choices. I believe that it’s alright for things to come to you later in life, but when they do, it’s crucial to make the most of them. Luck is a key factor; it’s a fundamental part of any person’s journey and certainly plays a significant role in our profession as well.”

Kanwar says that he is wary of becoming repetitive with his roles, which is why he is taking the time to choose his next project,

“I’m one of those actors who feel a constant hunger, a strong craving, and an inner fire to display various facets to my audience. I’m determined to prove that I can excel in diverse roles. I’ve faced the pressure to stick to main lead roles in television, but I’m taking my time to choose my next project carefully. I can’t keep doing back-to-back projects and repeating myself. It’s challenging to find unique roles, so I need to be patient and selective. It’s also essential to consider how I want to position myself as an actor and envision my growth in the industry. I’m quite particular about this, and while it may have its pros and cons, it helps me refine my craft and showcase different dimensions of my acting abilities. Avoiding repetition is paramount.”

Sharing about the kinds of genres he would like to explore, he says,

“I want to explore the comedy genre and the action genre. I believe I have a great sense of humour and the ability to perform well in comedy shows, whether for platforms like Sab TV, online streaming services, or in films. I’m open to opportunities in both comedy and action genres. People who know me personally have often mentioned that I come across convincingly when performing action scenes on screen. So, while I’ve already explored intense roles, I’m eager to further explore comedy and action in my acting career,” he ends.

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