Posted on October 21, 2023 at 3:12 am

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Soniya Bansal’s fans like how she maintained calm after Mannara’s accusations

The Bigg Boss house is known for conflicts and people inciting one another. But not very often do we come across someone who maintains their cool even when an unnecessary barrage of accusations is directed towards them. That’s Soniya Bansal for you!

Photo Courtesy Soniya Bansal team
Photo Courtesy Soniya Bansal team


Yesterday fans felt Mannara kept trying to instigate actress Soniya Bansal. And crossed limits by referring to when Soniya was called for the show and the work she has done before. However, what fans saw was a rather calm Soniya who kept trying to say what she wanted to. Soniya went back to Mannara with a mindset of solving the matter, but it seems like Mannara had something else in mind. Soniya only lost her cool and retorted back when the comments made were very harsh. It’s clear that she knows when to react and when to maintain her cool, not many know that in the show.

Another place where Soniya stood apart was when she continued to stand with her friend Khanzaadi. While she never told Khanzaadi that she was right in what she did, but we saw her standing by her friend, trying to keep her from getting violent. Soniya knows where her priorities lie. When she won’t support her friends when they go wrong, she won’t leave them alone as well. We even saw Soniya request Khanzaadi to go to sleep as well and end the fight.

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