Posted on October 18, 2023 at 12:07 am

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Soniya Bansal stands up for Ankita Lokhande over the latter entering the Dimaag house

In the first few days of Bigg Boss 17, there have been so many surprises already! One contestant who is amazing the viewers for her strong stands and persona is Soniya Bansal!


Photo Courtesy Soniya Bansal Team
Photo Courtesy Soniya Bansal Team


In the previous episode we saw Soniya sensibly handling the argument with Abhishek over changing houses. And in the latest episode, Soniya took a strong stand for fellow housemate Ankita Lokhande. Ankita, who is part of the Dil house, wanted to enter the Dimaag house, as all the housemates visit each other’s places for some reason or the other. However when Ankita tried to visit the Dimaag house, where Soniya stays, Ankita was stopped by Jigna in a seemingly rude manner.

This left Ankita hurt, and Soniya Bansal noticed this. Soniya expressed her empathy with Ankita, and also tried to reason with Jigna that what she did was wrong. Soniya also tried to convince Jigna to apologise to Ankita as she was deeply hurt by Jigna’s words. This clearly demonstrated the empathy Soniya has, and is strong enough to stand up not only for herself but for others too.

Soniya Bansal is clearly proving why she deserves to be part of the popular show, and is showing signs of getting stronger and stronger! It will be exciting to see how the upcoming episodes unfold for her!

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