Posted on October 10, 2023 at 1:55 am

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Radha Mohan actor Ranveer Singh Malik: In terms of character growth, I have improved a lot

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan has completed 500 episodes and the team is happy celebrating the milestone. The show is produced by Prateek Sharma. Actor Ranveer Singh Malik, who plays the role of Rahul in the show, is enjoying all the appreciation. He talks about it and what more the viewers can expect in coming times.


Photo Courtesy Ranveer Singh Malik Team
Photo Courtesy Ranveer Singh Malik Team


“Well, I am very much overwhelmed and honored to be a part of the show. I am also very excited, as our show has completed more than 500 episodes. Yes, the audiences love the show, and especially my character, Rahul, is adored by them. It feels great when the local public recognizes you on the road and runs after you for a selfie. Being an actor brings tremendous joy and pride as we are doing something that creates a craze in the public. I just want to ask the audience to continue showering your love for many more years. We hope to entertain you more and achieve more success,” he says.

Presently, Rahul’s family in the show is dealing with monetary issues.

“I am the only person who is against Radha and Mohan, as Mohan had the opportunity to choose between Radha’s house, factory, and business, but the whole family chose Radha. Now because of Radha, we had to leave our house. I was the only person against this decision, and high-voltage drama ensued on our show. Damini is also against it, so she chose me to confront the family. A ceiling fan fell on me, leading to a huge dramatic scene where I shouted at everyone and criticized Mohan Bhaiya for making the wrong decision. He had nothing to say in return, so he remained silent. I was very vocal and created more drama. Barwani is planning to further fuel the rivalry between the two brothers,” he reveals more about the plot.

Working on the show has been an enriching experience for Ranveer.

“In terms of character growth, I have improved a lot. I have worked on my character, which has helped me grow. In my personal life, I am very different—a chilled-out, happy-go-lucky guy who always loves to smile and live life. Unlike Rahul, who is the opposite and often feels left out, not getting the opportunities that Mohan has received. So yeah, my personal life is different from the character I play. Playing Rahul has taught me a lot, such as not being jealous and respecting my elders, as well as understanding family situations better,” he adds.

Any advice for aspiring actors looking to make their mark in the entertainment industry?

“To aspiring actors, I would say always be prepared for everything. When you are up, you may feel low, and when you are low, you will eventually rise. Prepare for everything and have a backup plan. It’s essential because you never know what role you’ll get, and maintaining a high standard of living in Mumbai, with expensive rent, gym fees, and other expenses, can be challenging. Being an actor requires taking care of yourself more than others, from your skin to your hair and your diet. So, I would recommend having a second job or some form of secondary income to sustain yourself during unpredictable times in the industry,” he says.

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